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Differences Audit logs and Most popular items

The audit logs is more accurate. The "Most popular items" has a default threshold of 3 views within 24 hours for the count to increase. Ex. 2 people views a document in one day Audit log will ...
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SharePoint Total Page View count and the Popularity Trends View Count mismatched

This is based on a feature called TailTrimming parameter. TailTrimming determines when the usage analytics reports should be updated. By default, the reports are updated when the item is updated at ...
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Timer job for the update of ViewsLifeTime

The following Two timer jobs are responsible for push analytic data like the life time view count of a page (ViewsLifeTime) into the Analytics database. Analytics Timer Job for Search Service ...
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Is there a hidden limit in SPSocialFeed.Threads?

It's normal behavior, 2000 is invalid value for The SPSocialFeedOptions.MaxThreadCount The Valid values are between zero and 100. The default number of threads returned is 20. Setting the value to ...
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How to find time spent by users on a page

is payable version is OK for you? By default SharePoint analytics is not very useful to analyse user activity (hits and visits only). We have used in some our project Piwik platform which is ...
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Difference between ViewsLastMonths1, ViewsLastMonths2 and ViewsLastMonths3

ViewsLastMonths1, ViewsLastMonths2 and ViewsLastMonths3 depend upon what is the LastAnalyticsUpdateTime. So if LastAnalyticsUpdateTime is 9 May 2019 then ViewslastMonths1 will have views for the ...
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How to get number of views of a blog post?

Inside of the blog site settings. Go to site actions Then site analytics reports then top pages. Please refer to the below link: View and configure usage analytics reports in SharePoint Server ...
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Is there a way to generate report on Modern Site pages' views?

The View count on the side menu of the page is based on the property ViewsLifeTime. We do not have access to the data source from UI, but we can get this value of each page using PowerShell. Here’s ...
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User access on SharePoint

You can do this through Site Collection Audit Logs: Excerpt: Events available for audit log ...
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Need powershell script(or any) to get page visit count on all site pages in a site collection(for a year)

You can refer to the two articles below: 1.Step by steps on how to display Most Visited Sites with number of view count in SharePoint 2013 Web Analytics.
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does sharepoint online supports any data analytics tools/application?

try looking into azure. You can get 1 year free or if your a developer you would have an msdn licence which gives you it all for free under your cal. once you have azure you can then create any big ...
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What is the best way to implement Custom Web Analytics in Sharepoint 2013?

You can refer to Microsoft’s Azure Application Insights, which will provide you some extraordinary reports for these kind of requirements. It is very easy to configure your SharePoint On-Premises site ...
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sharepoint 2013 how usage analytics reports create and what is the mechanism of it?; Usage analytics is a set of analyses that ...
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Usage Analytics Event Store not updating - Popularity Reports showing 0 - Delete Usage Receivers

To remove the event receivers you need to call .Delete() method. $ad.Receivers.Delete() I have tried the reassignment of event receivers but still analytics folder is not getting updated with recent ...
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