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You have a classic case of an orphaned SharePoint user. SharePoint stores all users as list items in a SharePoint list. If you just want to remove a single orphaned account - open this url http://SP_SITE/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0 and remove the user manually. If you want to do a proper cleaning - you will probably need a powerShell script. ...


I would not use the old ASMX service. On SharePoint 2016 you should be able to use the Search REST API and specify the People Result Source for your SourceID. I haven't looked in a while but the OU would depend on how you have configured the import. Is there another attribute you can use to accomplish the same end goal, like Department?


In order to remove the disabled users, “My site clean-up Job” should be enable. We enabled the job and run successfully.

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