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You can use a calendar list to store team events, including meetings, social events, and all-day events.

One of solutions is to add new people type column (or use OOTB Attendees column) to calendar for storing meeting attendees. Then you can write custom event receiver for calendar list that handles … calendars). I need to point out that SharePoint calendar doesn't provide OOTB function to easily receive auto meeting responses (like eg Exchange). This makes most of the new SharePoint users quite unhappy. …
answered Jul 26 '11 by Vedran Rasol
You need to apply February 2011 SharePoint Foundation 2010 hotfix package. Quote: Consider the following scenario You create a recurring event in a calendar list in a SharePoint Foundation … 2010 site. You save the site that includes the site contents as a template. You create a new site by using that template. In this scenario, the calendar list does not display the recurring event in the new site. …
answered Aug 7 '11 by Vedran Rasol
It will display a month layout, with each day being clickable. SharePoint calendar default behavior When a day is clicked, a popup would allow someone to select a two-hour time window from … (Author) column that contains user info. If departmental Approvers approve the item, it would appear on the calendar; else not. Either case, the user needs to be notified of approval/rejection …
answered Sep 5 '11 by Vedran Rasol
week and time range your calendar will render differently (maybe not exactly as you require). To make other desired changes you will need to use jQuery and/or css. …
answered Sep 11 '11 by Vedran Rasol