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Are SharePoint certifications worthwhile?

There are several different certifications available for SharePoint 2010. For IT Pros: Exam 70-667 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring Exam 70-668 Pro: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, ...
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How can you move a document with its version history to a new library?

Here's the scenario: 2 document libraries Both contain multiple documents The documents have multiple versions When I copy a document from library A to Library B using the Content and Structure tool ...
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SharePoint development past and "future": how to keep calm?

I'll do my best to not turn this question to an "opinion-based" one, but it's a great effort for me! SharePoint 2003: the story begins In the beginning (SharePoint 2003), we could develop ...
98 votes
13 answers

How do I know if the page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript?

Is there a way to find out if a page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript? I know server-side can be found using SPContext.Current.FormContext.FormMode but I can't find any means of doing it from ...
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CSS Files in _Layouts or Document Library?

There's been a lively conversation (such as it can be in 140 chars) lately about whether it is better to put CSS files on the disk in the _layouts folder or to store them in a Document Library in the ...
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14 answers

How do I enable "Open in Explorer"?

I have full control over my SharePoint site. When I click on my document library and then click the "Library" tab on the ribbon, I see an option for "Open with Explorer" but it is disabled. The ...
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11 answers

Deleting all the items from a large list in SharePoint

What is the most efficient way to delete all the items of a large list in SharePoint? The code should take Query throttling limits into consideration.
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List of SharePoint development tools [closed]

What tools do you consider essential in your SharePoint development toolkit? One answer per tool please so the community can vote!
66 votes
15 answers

List of tools for reading ULS logs

I just spent a fair amount of time troubleshooting an issue that required me to look in the ULS logs for the root cause. What tools are recommended for searching/filtering/reading ULS logs?
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There does not seem to be any clear explanation of the different hosting types and technology abbreviations, so I decided to make a community post about the different types. Perhaps there will never ...
65 votes
5 answers

Migrating a solution from 2007 to 2010

Let's say we have a well-established solution in Visual Studio 2008, using WSPBuilder to bundle it up into a package. It has a handful of features and a whole whack of assets to deploy (.webpart, .xsl,...
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How do you get the current list item in JavaScript?

There's all kinds of ECMAScript class library examples around but all of the ones I find show how to retrieve all list items (through SP.ClientContent) but how do you get the current list item? I'm ...
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Support for URL rewriting?

Is there anything built into SharePoint 2010 that will handle this? If not, can anyone suggest where to start to implement something that will allow me to rewrite URLs so they are more SEO and user ...
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7 answers

How to update custom master page and page layout, which is already deployed

I have a feature which deploying custom page layout. It's done by this code: <Module Name="MasterPageModule" Url ="_catalogs/masterpage"> <File Path="MasterPageModule\defaultTemplate.aspx" ...
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NTLM vs Kerberos

I just want to know the difference between NTLM and Kerberos. When to use NTLM and Kerberos and when not to use it? Why do you need to use Kerberos for authenticated feeds? Our admin is asking me why? ...
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17 answers

June 13th 2017 Microsoft blocked handling HTML markup in SharePoint calculated fields - how to get the same functionality back

On June 13th 2017 all SharePoint calculated columns with HTML markup stopped working. Basically the fields now render text (regardless of setting the data type to number). The gist of the notice ...
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12 answers

User with Full Control Permission is getting Access Denied Message

The user who's responsibility it is to build up and maintain our training portal is receiving the "Access Denied" message when she tries to edit her page. Her permission level is "Full Control". I ...
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43 votes
7 answers

How to use Today and Me in Calculated column

I want to use a combination of Today and Me in SharePoint 2013. I am trying it in Office 365 it gives me the below error Calculated columns cannot contain volatile functions like Today and Me. Can ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Explain it to me: SharePoint deployment scope, solution and features

There are different levels of scope for deployment, but I have not been able to find a definitive explaination of when each applies and what the restrictions are that require loosening (or tightening) ...
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4 answers

How can I make a SharePoint open source project at home?

I have an idea for a small SharePoint solution that can be quite useful, and I'm thinking about writing it in my spare time. How can I do it? This is a relatively small project, which I don't ...
42 votes
2 answers

When to use OpenWeb() vs RootWeb

I am a little confused on the pro's and con's of each. When is it good to use OpenWeb() vs RootWeb, especially in the context of a using statement.
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8 answers

An introduction to SharePoint 2010

I've been a member of Stack Overflow for a while and have this week been given a project of having a play around with SharePoint 2010 to see how it works basically, as we're looking to use it to ...
41 votes
6 answers

List API get all items limited to 100 rows

When doing a GET call to the List API from JavaScript: "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('ListName')/items" the results returned are limited to 100 rows. Is there any way to return more rows in the result, ...
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41 votes
6 answers

How to make a filtered lookup field

I have a list of departments. This list will change over time adding new departments and "deactivating" others (because of structural changes). I would like to use this list as a look-up for other ...
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What is "feature stapling"?

I've seen the term "feature stapling" used around this site and some blogs. What exactly does this mean? My best guess is that it has something to do with dynamically activating features from other ...
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2 answers

Is SPCache a farm-wide cache?

The MSDN documentation on the SPCache leaves very much to the imagination. But since it sounds interesting, I'm wondering whether it is a farm-wide cache. Does anyone know? Currently I'm caching ...
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40 votes
4 answers

Change Title (linked to item with edit menu) to different column

How can I change the column in a SharePoint list that has the link to the item and the link to the item with edit menu eg: Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu) I want to have ...
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4 answers

SP.SOD how to use correctly?

SP.SOD is a nice feature of SharePoint, but how should I use it? For example, I use these lines of code ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function () { //code }, "custom.js"); If I understand ...
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39 votes
5 answers

How to get List by Url using SharePoint 2013 CSOM

SharePoint 2013 CSOM API contains the following methods for accessing List object: ListCollection.GetById method - returns the list with the specified list identifier ListCollection.GetByTitle method ...
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39 votes
5 answers

How to remove Title column in SharePoint 2013 List?

I want to remove "Title" column created by default in SharePoint 2013 List. I googled many times.But I got only solutions for SharePoint 2010 version only.Those Solution is not working for this latest ...
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1 answer

Hierarchical Refiner User Profile Property

We have a requirement to be able to have a refiner in People search that refines in an hierarchical way. Let's say we have A custom User Profile Property called "Organisation" bound to a TermSet "...
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37 votes
8 answers

Feature has already been installed. Use the force attribute to explicitly re-install the feature

We have several SharePoint 2010 solutions which we want to deploy to SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows Server 2012. Site solutions work. But farm solutions just don't. I get ...
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6 answers

Why is SharePoint so slow?

I'm a SharePoint user. My company has introduced SharePoint and use it as their intranet site. They've made some changes to the masterpages, etc. to let the intranet have a 'corporate' feel. There ...
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3 answers

Rename a web application in SharePoint 2010

When I installed SharePoint Foundation it created my default web application with a name SharePoint - 80 that was running on port 80. Since I need port 80 for another web application I moved it to ...
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37 votes
2 answers

How do I turn on SharePoint App store in SharePoint 2013

I am getting this message when I want to add a app: Sorry, apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server, tell them to enable apps.
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6 answers

REST API filter by start and end dates using 'today'

I'm new to filtering dates with REST in SP but am trying to do something like below but am not sure how to get today's date in as a variable into the request. I don't think I'm too far off so any help ...
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5 answers

How do I check in a LOT of files all at once?

I put a lot of documentation on our SharePoint site, and it all lists as being Checked Out To me. How do I check all of those files in, in one shot?
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36 votes
9 answers

How to delete a content type part of an application feature?

I'm developing a solution in SharePoint 2010 that deploys a content type. I've now made a change to the content type and want to delete all its old references, remove it, and redeploy. Unfortunately ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Using SPContext.Current or using static URL

There are multiple ways to work in the SP object model. The starting point for instantiating objects looks different when you look at different developers. Many times I see people doing this: SPList ...
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34 votes
4 answers

Feature with id already exists - force option

I'm getting that old familiar error when trying to deploy my SharePoint solution via Visual Studio: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': A feature with ID {Guid} has already been ...
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7 answers

How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days?

I have very little knowledge of SharePoint, and want to learn about SharePoint 2013. Most of the resources that I've found are either about what's new in 2013, or they have a bunch of links to ...
33 votes
7 answers

List of 70-573 exam resources

What resources have you used for home learning to pass the 70-573 exam. There does not seem to be a book released yet to cover the exam.
33 votes
6 answers

Backup via SharePoint or backup via SQL Server?

How should I backup my 2010 SharePoint server? As I see it there are 3 choices: Full Farm backup Site collection backup SQL Server backup We're only doing backups using points 1 (occasionally) and ...
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8 answers

New List Item - How can I change the order of fields in the form?

I need to change the order in which some fields appear on the new list item form for one of my custom lists. Regardless of the ordering in the view I have selected, the fields always seem to appear ...
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6 answers

SharePoint Online REST API Authentication In POSTMAN

I am trying to authenticate with the REST API for a list in SharePoint Online using POSTMAN. For example, the URL for my site looks something like this:
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8 answers

Suddenly getting "The local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered."

This morning all the development machines at the company I work at, couldn't manage SharePoint through Powershell. We were all getting the annoying "The local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with ...
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7 answers

What features have been lost in SharePoint 2013?

There's been a lot of discussion around the new features in SharePoint 2013 ( What is new in SharePoint 2013 ? ), but I'm curious as to what's no longer offered/supported in 2013. Does anyone have a ...
31 votes
5 answers

How to remove orphaned features

I found some orphaned features under _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site but they do not show up when I list them up with powershell (get-spgetfeature -site url). They are not in 14 hive and ...
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3 answers

REST expand people column

I have a list with a people column called AssignedTo. I'm making a rest call: .../_api/web/Lists/GetByTitle('listname')/Items?$expand=AssignedTo&$select=*,AssignedTo/Title Which is successfully ...
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Use CSOM with ADFS credentials from Single Sign-On enabled ASP.NET MVC app

I have the following setup: ADFS 3.0, SharePoint 2013 and the custom ASP.NET MVC app. Both SharePoint and MVC app are configured to use Single Sign-On from ADFS, so once user is logged in via ADFS, ...
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