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Checkbox - align center

On Yes/No Checkbox - JSON sample, there is a code allowing you to show checkbox (square) for a YES/NO column regardless of the current value of the field (by default checkbox only shows if YES is ...
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Update sharepoint list column inside a timer job and also fetch its current value

I have a Timer job created to send reminder emails for attendees who are registered for the events. When is send an email, i need to update "IS EMAIL SEND" column of event attendees list ...
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3 answers

Calculated Column Yes/No based off 3 Yes/No columns

If column A, B & C all show yes then column D should also be yes If column A, B or C shows no then column D should be no Can somebody help me write a formula for this to use in a SharePoint ...
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Boolean value automatically set after upload

In the version history, we see that one of our site columns (Boolean type) has a value automatically set after uploading (version 0.1 of item). We have tested this using Graph, drag and drop - we got ...
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My PowerAutomate Flow doesn't recognize a SharePoint Yes/No Column

I have a flow that is triggered by updates to a SharePoint list. One of the columns in that list is a Yes/No column. When I try to check the value of that column, PowerAutomate acts as if this column ...
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SharePoint Calculated Yes/No Column

I've tried to create a calculated column in a SharePoint list that looks for a word in the title of the list entry and then returns yes or no based on if that word is included in the title or not. =IF(...
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1 answer

Yes/No field in JSON view formatting

This is about JSON formatted views (not columns) in modern SharePoint online. List A has a Yes/No field. The values show as Yes or No in the view. When I format the view and show the field value ...
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Add a HTML Yes/No field to SharePoint Online Yes/No column via JavaScript/jQuery

I am building a Custom html form and saving all the fields to a SharePoint Online list. I figured out adding text boxes and choice drop downs via JS/jQuery like, var xxxxxxxx = $("#xxxxxxxx").val(); ...
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Reset column to default value

Given is a list with a yes/no column. Default value of this column is "no". What is the most efficient way to reset all items in the column to "no". I definitely don't want to solve the problem by ...
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Microsoft Flow Record Form responses in SharePoint Yes/No

This is my first time on Stack Exchange, and I haven't found the answer to my question in the forum. I have built a Microsoft Form in order to get some data recorded into a SharePoint list using Flow....
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Microsoft Flow : Why is my condition to a column with Yes/No value is not working in if expression

Here is my expression which I want to incorporate in sending email action in flow: if(PM/SH Approval Status=TRUE,"Attending","Not Attending")
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3 votes
1 answer

OOTB SharePoint List Filter web part on Yes/No type field

I have one custom list with Yes/No type field in our SharePoint site(tried both on 2013 and 2016 on premise). I did below steps: Created one page. Added OOTB SharePoint List Filter web part on Yes/...
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