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npm install outputs an error: npm ERR! Cannot read property 'pickAlgorithm' of null

As instructed within the Setting up your development environment guidance material. I've installed yeoman: npm ...
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Configuring Dev environment for SP2016,SP2019 on prem and M365

I have several clients who are needing to migrate from SP2016 to SP2019 over the next 2 months. We will be setting up a hybrid environment for these clients where Intranet & Extranet requirements ...
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SPFX 1.12 gulp serve-deprecated alternative

Recenlty i decided to update the spfx libs of my webparts project to the v1.12.1 I have followed the steps indicated in the official Microsoft documentation:
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Unable to setup SharePoint Framework Dev Environment: TypeError: lookup.flatMap is not a function

I am unable to setup SPFx Development Environment for my SharePoint Online. I installed 10.24 and 10.20 version of Nodejs then also installed gulp and yeoman. But when I execute yo @microsoft/...
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SPFx Yeoman generates wrong package versions

In the past I have generated SPFx projects successfully using @microsoft/generator-sharepoint yeoman generator, but now it is not giving me the same versions for the SPFx packages. I discovered it was ...
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SPFx development - npm audit vulnerabilities

The company I work for needs custom web parts in modern SharePoint. I was humming along following the excellent (Microsoft's sponsored) tutorials on SPFx development. I got my web part working on my ...
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Spfx: Change spfx Webpart environment from sharepoint online to sharepoint on prem

I have a modern web part built for sharepoint Online. I want to convert this web part to be compatible with sharepoint on-prem 2019. I have searched and found out that I would need to use spfx version ...
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SPFX: Mantaining multiple project created with different versions of the Yeoman generators

Premise: When a new Angular 2+ project is created using the Angular CLI NPM package, a local copy of the CLI is added as a dev dependency to the project: this ensures that when the CLI is used again ...
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SharePoint framework yo not showing all the options

I am new to SharePoint framework. I am executing yo @microsoft\sharepoint. Providing all the inputs. For the question Which type of component to be created? it is showing only Webpart. It is not ...
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