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Windows SharePoint Services is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001, SharePoint has historically been associated with intranet content management and document management, but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities.

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attach content db to SharePoint Server 2010

I need to migrate the WSS3.0 SP2 + Project Server 2007 SP2 based farm to a SPS2010 SP1 + Project Server 2010 Sp1 farm. I create a new farm (new VM on hyperV 2012) SPS2010 based (build 14.0.6028.1000) ...
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What field contains the "created date" in a SharePoint Search Index?

We need to list documents, list items, etc from a Sharepoint Search Server Express Index by the created date. The problem is we can't find it in the index even though we've tried to map it to ...
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After migrating user from one AD to another AD, the user can no longer access WSS

We have migrated users from one AD domain to another AD domain in SharePoint 2007. But after migration, the users can no longer access windows SharePoint services e.g, permissions and roles etc. Any ...
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