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Questions tagged [wss-logging]

Wss-logging in SharePoint is performed by default in the "root folder/LOGS", and tracks unexpected events and errors when they occur.

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Is it normal that our sharepoint on-premises 2013 does not have WSS_Loging database

we have a sharepoint farm 2013 (license type = SharePoint Server with Standard Client Access License) , now we are facing an issue that the "Usage reports" for our sites will always be empty (0 views)....
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1 vote
0 answers

Clean WSS_Logging database

Altough the logging of my SharePoint 2013 has been completely disabled a few months ago, I still find entries from April 2015 in the db today (2015-11-12). Checking with Get-SPUsageDefinition all ...
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SharePoint Diagnostic logging VS usage data collection

I was reading about SharePoint diagnostic logging and the difference between the usage data collection, and I am confused about why the usage data collection logs info in 2 separate places, one in the ...
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6 votes
4 answers

SharePoint 2013 Usage reports are empty

Our server's been up and running for a while with a couple thousand users. I go to check the Usage report for the site that I know is the most popular and it's empty. 0's across the board. I've been ...
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%CommonProgramFiles% and SharePoint Logging Service

We just moved our Sharepoint (2010 Enterprise) SQL databases to another machine. Sharepoint is all running well, however, in the Windows Server (2012 R2) application logs, I am seeing this recurring ...
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is it possible to rename the WSS_Logging database for sp2010?

This is for sp2010. I'm considering setting up another SP farm using the same back-end SQL server. Problem is, amongst other things, I'm not seeing any way to rename the WSS_Logging database. Google ...
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