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how to export workflow template in sharepoint designer 2013?

We have one test site in my environment workflows is deployed in that site and those workflows are saved as "Save As Template". We want to add those save as template to another site. Give me ...
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SequentialWorkflowActivity cannot be opened in designer

I have a number of Sequential Workflows that I created. Given they all used the same base group of methods I created a new base SequentialWorkflowActivity for my Sequential Workflows to inherit from. ...
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Fetch WorkflowTemplate for different language

I need to fetch the OOB approval workflow from current web to associate it with my custom list I tried to fetch it through BaseId but then i got to know that BaseId is not the same for different ...
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Workflow approval on document modification, but not on document upload

I need to setup a workflow for approval on a document library in SharePoint 2010. I figured out how to setup approval for everything, including uploading documents, but I don't want that. I want ...
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Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item

How can i uncheck the option/setting "Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item" in a publishing approval workflow of a pages library of publishing site. I found other ...
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Need help with creating/using a co-recursive workflow template in Sharepoint Designer 2010

I have co-recursive workflows, WF-A and WF-B, that work together to send out an email. I created and tested them on my own test SharePoint site and they are working great. But I need them on another ...
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Saving workflow as template and importing to another site collection is not working

I've created primitive reusable workflow (with the only action log to history list) using SPD 2010. Under option Pick a base content type to limit this workflow to I leave All content types. After ...
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