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Windows Server is a brand name for a group of server operating systems released by Microsoft.

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How do I get Powershell SharePoint Cmdlets installed to my SharePoint 2013 server?

I want to run some powershell commands on a SharePoint 2013 server. Unfortunately, I can't even seem to step up to the plate at all. Are the cmdlets not installed? I am running this powershell window ...
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Is TLS 1.2 supported for Workflow Manager on SharePoint 2013 on prem?

I'm am trying to determine if we can disable TLS 1.0. Doing so currently causes the service bus to get stuck on starting and cause issue with workflows. I see in WebPI there is an update to service ...
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Migrating SharePoint Server 2010 to Server 2012 R2

Our customer has surprised with a new requirement. We are in the process of moving our SharePoint 2010 environment to a new server with a little more juice. No problem right? Well we got surprised ...
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Install SharePoint 2010 on Windows server 2012 OS

How to install SharePoint 2010 on the Windows server 2012 OS. Is this possible ? Any step-by-step information provided by MS?
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