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Windows 8 is the current release of the Windows operating system, produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs.

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SharePoint Designer 2013 64 Bit - Freezing on Load

I have a question and when I search, I can't seem to find the answer. Anytime I run SharePoint Designer, the application loads normally but when I attempt to load any site that are in the Recent List,...
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Windows 8 app and SharePoint 2013 Authenticaton

I have created a Windows 8 grid app in Visual Studio. This app creates links to pages in a SharePoint portal, so if a user clicks a tile, it should open a web page within the app frame. However, ...
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SharePoint 2013 connect to Outlook is grayed in my windows 8 Internet Explorer?

I am using SharePoint 2013 my connect to Outlook button is grayed out when I open my page in windows 8 Internet explorer it is grayed out, but it is working fine with windows 7 Internet explorer also ...
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Access programmatically to SharePoint 2013 Online REST Web Services from Windows 8.1 Application

I have a problem in connecting to SharePoint online from the Windows 8.1 Application. My goal is quite simple: Connect to SharePoint Retrieve the List of Lists Get Items from a List I have tried ...
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Metro style app login to SharePoint

I have a metro style app based on the metro style web browser ( In this browser I navigate to a page on a SharePoint site: ...
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Best way to access SharePoint (online) from a Windows 8 RT/Metro application?

I am developing a Windows 8 tile app/Metro (Windows RT) application. I have experienced some problems linking with the C# client object model assemblies due to limitations in RT. I was hoping I ...
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Windows 8 App using COM dlls of Sharepoint gives error "Cannot resolve Assembly or Windows Metadata file 'System.Web.Services.dll'"?

I have created a sample app using Windows 8 C# XAML to get site info of SharePoint 2010 using COM Dlls. I have added reference of: C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\SharePoint ...
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Can we stop Windows 8 phone showing mobile site?

As a publishing website required authentication when viewed on a mobile device, we've updated compat.browser on our server to allow Android, iPhone and Windows 7 phones to view the full version of our ...
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