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Questions tagged [wfe]

Web Front End server (WFE) is a web server that handles web page requests from users, processes the request and returns the data. it's also a Main-Role type in SharePoint 2016.

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1 answer

Error in accessing SharePoint designer 2013

I'm having a SharePoint 2016 with 2 WFE servers say, Server A and Server B. When i tried accessing the SharePoint designer 2013, to edit the site pages. I'm getting the two kinds of errors, mentioned ...
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2 answers

Installation of Sharepoint Web Front End Server

I am trying to add one Web Front end server to my existing SharePoint farm enterprise edition. Can I use a SharePoint foundation as an additional web front end server to my existing far or do I need ...
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How to use Request Management Service to route all traffic from a specific host to one WFE?

We have RM deployed in our farm, and it is causing troubleshooting issues. Is there a way to make RM route all the traffic from a specific IP to a specific WFE? Even with HOSTS file set to point to ...
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2 answers

Minrole topology - Web Front End server with Distributed Cache services

If configuring WFE server with Distributed Cache, during installation would this server have to be installed as a custom role? Or the Distributed Cache service can be added later after installing a ...
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1 answer

SSL for a WFE in SharePoint FARM

In a SharePoint FARM CSR is generated form one WFE, cant it be installed all the WFE`s? a fresh CSR has to be generated for every WFE in SP FARM?
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Cachehostinfo is null - Error in WFE01 while configuring Distributed Cache in my multi server Prod.Farm

Am trying t configure the DC-distributed cache for a WFE for my SP 2013 SP1 WITH APRIL 2017 CU - MULTISERVER farm but when i run the powershell cmdlets for creating the DC -Distributed Cache Add-...
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