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Writing errors to the EventLog in WSS 3.0

How do you write to the event log in WSS 3.0? Can this be done?
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VseWss 1.3 and reverse engineering .stp files

I was reading someone else's post on comparing some of the wsp building tools when someone stated you could reverse engineer something like a .stp file created site into source files (for example the ...
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Order the features are retracted in a solution (VSeWSS1.3)

I am forced, against my will and all common sense, to turn my series of WSP Builder solutions into VSeWSS 1.3. So far, i have encountered, conquered and totally knocked down every illogical, ...
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How to deploy DLL as SafeControls? (No manual solutions, please)

I've user controls project (UI) and am using AJAX Extension Toolkit with them. The dll of AJAX Extension Toolkit is referenced in the project. The project is successfully compiling. Another project ...
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Deploy a solution package from command prompt

We are trying to automate the solution deployment to a test environment. We are using vsewss 1.3. To do this we are trying to run the following command from the visual studio command prompt: devenv ...
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VSeWSS CTP 1.3 March Custom Action Walkthrough

Does anyone have a good walkthrough for creating a custom action using Visual Studio Extensions CTP 1.3 from March? I'm pretty sure it can be done, but I haven't seen a good explanation yet.
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VSeWSS vs WSPBuilder vs STSDEV for WSS 3.0 / SharePoint 2007 development

What are your personal experiences with using these tools? I tried VSeWSS when it first came out and was frustrated by it. Each new version has been the same for me but for different reasons. ...