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Questions which are specific to using Visual Studio Code as IDE for development with SharePoint.

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Error when running gulp serve, when implementing SPFX with Angular 4

Implementing SPFX with Angular 4 using the below link: Getting the below error after running the gulp ...
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Got the error in SPFx installation "Yeoman Doctor - Running sanity checks on your system"

Hi All, When I tried to installed the SPFx "npm install -g yo" getting the issues. Tried both "npm install -g yo@latest" and "npm rm -g yo", "npm install -g yo" but it didn't help. Attached the ...
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How to turn on intellisense for custom master page(.master) in Visual Studio Code

In Visual Studio intellisense is working. But in Visual Studio Code intellisense for .master files is not working. VSCode Visual Studio 2015
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VSCode SpFx Hosted Workbench Stalls at Login Page

I have an spfx webpart I'm trying debug in chrome. My launch.json file looks like the following: { "name": "Hosted workbench", "type": "...
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Adding Microsoft.SharePoint.Client reference to project in Visual Studio Code

I'm just starting out with a new Console Application project in VS Code and I need to add a reference to my project for Microsoft.SharePoint.Client using: dotnet add package Microsoft.SharePoint....
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Using SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio Code

I've been digging around for last couple days but cannot find anything really related to SharePoint development on VS code. I know there are some extensions but most of them do not support SP 2010, ...
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Debug SharePoint Framework with Visual Studio Code

I am following instructions from below link in order to debug SharePoint Framework, When I do "gulp serve" i can see local ...
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