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Questions which are specific to using Visual Studio Code as IDE for development with SharePoint.

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Error when running gulp serve, when implementing SPFX with Angular 4

Implementing SPFX with Angular 4 using the below link: Getting the below error after running the gulp ...
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VSCode SpFx Hosted Workbench Stalls at Login Page

I have an spfx webpart I'm trying debug in chrome. My launch.json file looks like the following: { "name": "Hosted workbench", "type": "...
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Adding Microsoft.SharePoint.Client reference to project in Visual Studio Code

I'm just starting out with a new Console Application project in VS Code and I need to add a reference to my project for Microsoft.SharePoint.Client using: dotnet add package Microsoft.SharePoint....
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Using SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio Code

I've been digging around for last couple days but cannot find anything really related to SharePoint development on VS code. I know there are some extensions but most of them do not support SP 2010, ...
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Debug SharePoint Framework with Visual Studio Code

I am following instructions from below link in order to debug SharePoint Framework, When I do "gulp serve" i can see local ...
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