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SharePoint custom workflow

I have a requirement to create a workflow. The requirement is pretty simple but I am quiet new to SharePoint workflows so finding it hell of a task. there are three users in a team. Any one can ...
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Visual Studio Development Problem - Missing assembly references to Microsoft.SharePoint

I'm a Farm Admin, not a developer, so this may seem like a very basic problem, but I don't know where to start. I have inherited a SharePoint 2010 farm. It makes extensive use of custom web parts ...
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Format drop down menu [closed]

I found a great code here for creating a drop down menu. <select id="mySelect"> <option value="-">-</option> <option value="">Google</option&...
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How to apply Sharepoint 2010 visual and layout customizations to Sharepoint 2013

We are upgrading SharePoint 2010 to 2013. SharePoint 2010 had some custom work done to the look and feel as well as navigation. I am only being tasked with making new SharePoint 2013 look like the ...
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Need help setting up Visual Studio for SharePoint Online

I would like to start creating solutions for Office 365 (SharePoint Online), is there a guide to setup Visual Studio? i'm following some tutorials online, but they have options that i do not have ...
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Sharepoint Visual studio workflow

I am new to developing apps in Visual Studio for SP. I have a problem to use the standard functions for creating a workflow. Currently I need the workflow action Set field in current item, but I don't ...
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Download all attachments of a list item from grid view

I need to download all attachments of a list item from gridview in a visual webpart. I tried hyperlink but unable to get it. Can anyone tell me how to use anchor tag and use href or any other ...
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Visual Webpart Registration form where data is stored to SQL Database table on button click

Please give the snippet for Visual Webpart where data is stored to SQL Database table.I'm able to store it in list but i need to store directly in SQL Server database table on submit.
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WSP not working in another server

My WSP is working fine on my server, but when I deploy it on another server it shows error, and no control is working. I have created a Visual web part in SharePoint 2013 and deployed it on ...
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Workflow Visual Designer Blank

I'm using SharePoint Designer to create a workflow. I have my 2013 workflows all set up but when I click on "Visual Designer" it load assets but then the screen where I assume the diagram should be ...
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Microsoft.SharePoint references - address not valid in this context

When I add the reference to Microsoft.SharePoint in VS2013 project (web or desktop) I can't debug and it says "address not valid in this context". Any idea?
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Cascading dropdown list using Ajax call

I want a cascading dropdown list in a SharePoint visual web part. How can i do this? Any way to use Ajax? Need an example with code.
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Call WebMethod from JS in Visual web Part

I have ASP.NET web app that call some WebMethod from javascipt and fills textboxes. This is not all code, just example codesnippet function dataApp(text) { var loc = window.location.href; $....
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SharePoint Visual Studio Development

I need to understand the best practice for developing SharePoint solutions for sites that exist already on the production server. I am currently trying to create a visual webpart for a list that ...
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