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Provides an enumeration of the fields in a view through a listing of the FieldRef elements.

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SPQuery.viewFields does not return specified fields

I have a list that contains multiple views. I am filtering the view data on the basis of date range using CAML Query. But I don't want all the fields to be return so I used viewFields property of ...
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SP Online, can I add my ViewField value to SP.View.viewFields with JSOM?

I need to add dissappeared ViewField to my List view (Calendar). it was before, but was dropped after I switched default view to another, and then returned back (I swutched my view back to 'Default ...
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Library Columns Hidden after Refresh

I have a SharePoint Library with almost 2000 items (each item is a PDF document with some additional standard Fields for metadata). When using the web UI to show additional columns, they appear at ...
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Method to get list headers & filters via jQuery SPServices CAML GetListItems or similar?

Is there a method similar to GetListItems to grab the column headers and/or filters for a list? Or a way to use GetListItems to get that information?
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GetItems Ignores ViewFields in Query

I have created the following method to fetch list items from a list. The method does return the right items, but no matter what I provide in the viewFields parameter, it always returns all fields. ...
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Default View edit column order with Javascript

I have a List which is generated and populated with Javascript. However after that I remove a column and add column 'Id' to the default view with the following code: function ...
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1 answer

SharePoint 2013 Creating List instance from existing list Template issue

why (in sharepoint 2013 empty project) when we add new list based on existing list template we have the Tabs Views and Fields greyed? what can we do to be able to manipulate them? Any help will be ...
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2 answers

GetListItems working with ows_metadata and viewfields

This situation is not far out but is a conundrum... I am using GetListItems to query a SharePoint 2010 list. My restrictions on the list are: return back only a few select fields (on top of the the ...
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XsltListViewWebPart: select default view

I'm trying to configure an XsltLisViewWebPart for deployment to a SharePoint site. I'm provisioning the views beforehand using: List oList = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(list.Title); ...
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How to Create ViewFields in SharePoint 2013?

I have two different lists: List1 contains 4 Columns. List2 contains 4 Columns. (List1 columns and List2 columns are same) Lets say, List1 has four items stored. Now, I want List2 to have the same ...
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2 answers

Get all "new" documents from library with query

Is it possible to get all documents that are marked as "new" in sharepoint 2010? How can this be done? I already have a query where I get all latest documents, but I need to find out what ViewFields I ...
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