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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying and broadcasting of moving visual images.

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5 votes
2 answers

Embedding video

I've got a requirement to embed video on out intranet site. I've tried following the instructions here:
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3 answers

SharePoint 2013 Video live streaming

Does Sharepoint Server 2013 support live streaming of videos from other streaming servers?
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3 votes
5 answers

Embedding Video in Blog Post?

Is it possible to embed a video into a blog site post using a simple URL from the end user's perspective? I have tried two approaches:
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3 votes
2 answers

How to implement HTML5 Video in Sharepoint 2010?

Has anyone had any success in building a web-part with HTML5 video and using it in SP 2010? Background: Currently I am using JWPlayer by imbedding an HTML page using a content editor web-part. I ...
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1 answer

How to get the full url of video uploaded to asset library SharePoint

I know this question has been asked before but that didn't help. My client has a requirement to search all videos across site collections and show them in the home page. I'm doing this using a content ...
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2 answers

Difference between how MOV and MP4 files are treated in SharePoint Online

For some reason MOVs and MP4s exhibit different behavior in SharePoint Online. In the image below I have an MOV which displays correctly and runs when clicked, but the MP4 presents a folder ...
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How can I edit my MS Teams meeting recordings?

When my MS Teams meeting recordings were automatically saved in Stream, I could easily edit the video, or at least trim the messy beginnings and endings of my meetings. Now that my MS Teams meeting ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Rename MP4 video file on upload

We need to rename MP4 files as they are uploaded to an asset library. We create an ItemAdded event receiver and attempted to rename the file using file.MoveTo() File being uploaded is called Video....
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3 answers

How do I call custom pages from Site Assets?

We produce videos (mp4) in Camtasia that contain interactive linking, quizzes, and other material specific to the video. This material is built into the video using the Camtasia 'Smart Player' and is ...
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2 answers

Using Information Management Policies to prevent users from downloading videos from a document library

I have a basic SharePoint 2007 document library which contains a number of videos (.wmv files). This list is lives within our company's intranet and so is accessible only by authorised users. We want ...
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