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Version comment when adding a document version

I would like to add a version comment in version history. I have a file in a library with all it properties entered. I then draw a new version of the file over the library windows and add a new ...
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How to view Comments when viewing Version history?

When I go to File > Info > Version History, I can view previous versions of the document without issue. However, I cannot view comments that were made (and resolved) in previous versions of the ...
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Sharepoint List Comments Showing Duplicate Entries with wrong user profile

I'm using MS Forms to submit a response that goes through Power Automate for 2 point approvals which then information is stored in the Sharepoint list. Issue #1: when approvers make any comments, in ...
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Version Comment mandatory

I have separate document for each department, with versioning enabled, but users do not provide version comment while uploading new version of the document. I am finding some way to make the Version ...
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Update version check in comment for Document Library

We are currently working on a migration from SharePoint 2010 to SP Online using CSOM .NET managed code. We have migrated items for Document Library, unfortunately, we missed to insert version check ...
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Logs, Risk/Issue Log

How does one create a Log of various discussion points on SharePoint? How does another user add comments to a specific point on the Log? Is there a Template for SharePoint users to upload that is a ...
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Unable to display last check in comment in page layout

I have one page layout in which I have placed some fields of content type as label mode, which display the respective value of field while the page is in edit mode. I want to display the last check ...
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Can Sharepoint Search Index Version Comments for Versioned Doc Libraries?

Perhaps I've been looking in all the wrong places, but I've yet to stumble across a definitive answer for this question.
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Can I set a default Value for the version comment field in a list?

I'm trying to set a default value on the check in comment in a list in order to guide users to format their comments a certain way. I'm seeking a solution that will work on Sharepoint online.
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Enforcing check in comments with a pre-formatted comment template

I'm looking for a way to force users to enter a comment when checking in a document to a specific library, I'd also like to auto populate the comment window with some content in order to guide users ...
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Preserving version comment in the document library

I am trying to migrate the document library from Sharepoint 2010 to SharePoint2013 using the Client Object Model. I have used FPSE for check out and check in. Using these I am able to preserve the ...
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How do I leave comments whenever I save/submit a new version of a document?

I have set up my document library for multi-editing (i.e, checkout not required for multiple users to edit simultaneously). But now, when users edit and save the document there is no "check in" dialog,...
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Extracting Comments from Version History in Powershell

So I am trying to extract version history from a document library in Powershell. I have found the commands/scripts to do this. However I cannot seem to get the comments. From my script I can get ...
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Can you add comments to an append-only field in a list in Sharepoint 2010 using C#? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can you programmatically add comments to an append-only comment field in a custom item list using C#? Posted on stack exchange first, then I found this Sharepoint sub-domain ...
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Automatic checking in of documents into SP from Word

I have noticed an oddity in SharePoint 2010 Libraries that I am hoping one of you will be able to shed some light on... If I: 1) Check a Word document out of SharePoint via the web interface. 2) ...
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Comments History showing twice on Custom Edit Form while doing document check out

I have custom edit form for shared document and there i have comment history field. Comments History is showing twice on Custom Edit Form while doing document check out(automatically) because I have ...
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