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PowerApps dropdown, toggle and variable issue

I am hoping I can get some help with a issue I am having where a dropdown, toggle and variable are involved. This is for a PowerApps that uses SharePoint online as the data source. I have a dropdown, ...
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JSON formatting: using sharepoint list item into email body

I'm trying to include a list item in combination with plain text inside my email body. The body includes multiple if conditions to generate language dependent text. But I keep getting code back for my ...
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Questions about an article "how to create a flow in PA to change a value of column "Modify by" in a SP List

I have an article that shows how to modify a value in the column "Modify By" of a SharePoint List with Power Automate. I have a question regarding about the flow:
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Help understanding Power Automate send email to function

I am new to Power Automate and have successfully set up several flows that work as expected...almost. My flow ends with sending an email. I'd like to have a single email go to a recipient noted in ...
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Flow - Multi-step approval and Setting users as Variables

I'm working on an 8 step approval process for orders. This is going to get messy. And I would hate to have everyone's email addresses buried in the conditions. Is there a way to set 'Production Mgr'...
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How do i get the a folder ID based on folder name with pnp powershell?

I am using PnP Powershell and I am looking for a way to get the folder ID so i can set permissions to particular folder. Maybe i don't need to this the way I am trying so any advice would be ...
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Troubleshoot javascript not returning a unique variable value

I'm trying to set a string value for "nodeClass" depending on a value returned in variable empCat. Current code is below: function drawChart(items) { var data = new google.visualization....
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local time variable shows wrong time and date

I have created a local variable in SharePoint designer 2013, called date_time, and set it to long time format. My workflow checks a field in a column of a list on a change. If it passes the check the ...
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XSLT: Display choice field value

I am editing ItemStyle.xsl to display documents in a web part. I need to display the value of a choice field whose name unfortunately contains a forward slash and I don't get it to display its value. ...
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var values outside the PnP JS-Core method

Why doesn't this work? Example var w = new $pnp.Web(baseurl); var thisfieldid; w.lists.getByTitle("List").fields.filter("Title eq 'Column1'").get().then(function(data) { thisfieldid = data[0]....
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Query using managed metadata field on page with multiple values

I'm using on prem Sharepoint 2013 and I have a managed metadata column called Features, which allows authors to enter multiple values. In each item that has a content type that includes this site ...
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How to specify start method in Powershell

I have written a powershell script with couple of methods. I want to start powershell script with some specific method,for example the script should start with method Get-SitesWithNewsPageCT() How I ...
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How to append to Event Attendee list using workflow

On a Sharepoint 2010 workflow, on List B, I want to look up the Attendees on a particular event in List A, append that list of users with the user who Created the list item in List B (CurrentItem:...
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Sharepoint Newform Javascript variable scope

I have a javascript in custom list newform looks this <script type="text/javascript"> var kontivalue = 0; function PreSaveAction(){ belegnummer = SPUtility.GetSPField('...
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Can user define and embed variables to pages?

User have a hundred of statistic figures. He want to build several report based on these figures. The reports will be built as publishing pages. These reports will contains the statistic figures. ...
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