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My Syntax Error Calculation in SharePoint List is not worked T_T

I have so so BIG problem!! So, I'm trying to generate the verdict syntax calculation, but it shows the wrong answer. Please help me T_T. The pictures show the filled value from 2 columns before. In ...
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Getting NULL from input field query when trying to validate it using Presaveaction after adding SharePoint Link to Multiple lines of text field

I am trying to validate the Input and some other fields using Presaveaction function. function presaveaction(){ if($('input[title*="FieldName"]').val().trim()){ alert('FieldName should not ...
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List update and file upload using REST API failed with a SPListDataValidationException

I use the REST API to create list item, upload file linked to this item and update the item. For some list everything works fine and I can realize all these operations but for some other lists on the ...
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Column Validation check passes on Create but fails on Edit

I'm trying to validate that a month column is within 30 days of the create date in SharePoint online using the validation below: =AND([Start Month]<(Created+30),[Start Month]>(Created-30)) ...
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Custom validation for people editor control

How to add custom validation for in if the user adds more than one username an error message must appear that he can only add one user. Thanks Regard.
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Is there any risk to enable internet in SharePoint servers

I got a critical certificate validation error ID 8321 in event viewer! It took 300000 milliseconds and has exceeded the execution time thresholds. I checked for a lot of solutions on the Internet ...
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