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Questions tagged [userprofile-sync]

Used for User Profile Synchronization Service in SharePoint.

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2 answers

SharePoint 2019 - on premise - User Profile synchronization connection

I need to make a new Synchronization Connection for user profile sync. Do I need to delete the old Synchronization connection before I create an new one?
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2 answers

User Profile Synchronization service re-provision

User profile synchronization service stuck on status 'starting' in our SharePoint 2013 farm. It causes many issues. One of those issues are: Secondary domain users are not getting workflow generated ...
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1 answer

User Profile Service Application page cannot be opened

When I try to access the User Profile Service Application page, it shows the 'Something went wrong' error. Also the user profile sync service cannot be started as it keep being stuck in starting. ...
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2 answers

Change Sharepoint 2013 Service Application Pool

If I change the SharePoint service application pool like "user profile sync and search services" to a new one with a new account from service properties. What's gonna happen to the service? it this ...
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1 answer

User Profile Synchronization problem

We have setup synchronization connection which connects to SQL via BCS. There are few user profile properties that are mapped to the attribute coming from BCS connection. This is all about the ...
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Is this possible to show the custom userprofile property in user info list without populating values to the property?

I have created two custom userprofile property , I marked it as replicable to show that property in user info list. My custom property is showing in user information list after when that property ...
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1 answer

User Profile Synchronization Service status sits in “Starting” status for sometime and finally status gets changed to “Stopped”

I have created a User Profile Service Application in SharePoint 2010. But when I try to start the User profile synchronization service it sits in “Starting” status for sometime and finally status gets ...
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0 votes
3 answers

Exclude single OU from user profile sync in Sharepoint 2016

I am trying to exclude single OU called ServiceAccounts from User profile sync in SharePoint 2016. I tried the query below but its not working, (|(isDeleted=TRUE)(&(objectCategory=person)(...
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1 answer

Difference between having User Profile Sync service running on App server and on both App and Web servers

Way back some of our company employees had configured User Profile Sync Service on both App and WEF servers. Now we are in a situation where we have to stop User Profile sync service stopped on the ...
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3 answers

Modify the email property in user profile service application

I have created some user profiles in my AD environment and its available in my SharePoint and added them as my portal visitors group and they dont have email enabled. Now because of my other ...
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