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Count values in SharePoint list and update separate list with count using Power Automate

I have a list in SharePoint called "List" that lists projects with their status. The Status column choices are Not started, At Risk, and Complete. I have another list called "Graph List&...
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How to get "update item" flow to work with null values as well as populated ones?

I want my flow to update two text fields in my list to be empty if the user modifies a lookup field to make it empty. In my first list (Address Change) list I have a lookup field (Approved School) ...
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How to Update Author (Created By) field in SharePoint 2016 using CSOM Programatically

I want to Update the Author field of Folder property/item property. I have seen many posts online, I tried different link but I didn't get the Success. I followed This Link. I didn't get any error ...
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I want authors to be able to edit some items on the site using REST api

I am new at using REST api and fairly new to sharepoint. I got assigned a project to design a home page, which I already did and my boss wants the authors to be able to edit some of the fields on the ...
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