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Unghosting is the process customize a template to a state where it is not ghosted anymore.

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Ghostable and Unghostable Pages

What are Ghostable and Unghostable Pages? Is there a listof pages which are Ghostable and Unghostable? How would I know whether a page is Ghostable or unghostable? If we just add a document to a ...
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Finding unghosted pages

Is there a way to find how many unghosted pages there are in a site collection ? May be with queries in content database or powershell cmdlets ?
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Understanding ghosting, unghosting, site pages and application pages

well I know definitions of these terms as mentioned: Ghosted pages: Pages which are on file system and not on content db. Unghosted pages : pages which are on content db. Application Pages : normal ...
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Re-Ghost an UnGhosted Customized PageLayout?

I have a development environment, a test environment and a production environment. I develop packages in the development environment and update the solution in the test environment. As it turns out my ...
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