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Advice on Learning SharePoint Content Mangement

What would you suggest is the best way to get up to speed (preferably, fast track) to learning how to manage content in SharePoint? I'm a quick learn, years of experience writing...just need ...
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Approval workflow tutorial using Visual Studio 2010

I am new in Sharepoint 2010 and up to this point I was working with Sharepoint designer 2010 but it limits my choices so I need to learn how to develop approval workflows in visual studio 2010. I do ...
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SharePoint Web Developer [duplicate]

Most of my 8yrs career as a Web designer & Developer, I've designed in Photoshop, hand-coded in HTML and used a PHP-based CMS like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla. But I've just received a very ...
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good tutorial to learn using Sharepoint 2013 with powershell

I am looking to create some scripts that I will need for my SharePoint, but my power-shell skills are very bad. Is there any good tutorial that will help me become better at it ? It can be anything ...
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Learning Dashboard Designer

In my searching, the resources for figuring out how to create KPIs (and other objects as well) in Dashboard Designer are pretty spotty. Any suggestions of resources for how better to get familiar with ...
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SharePoint 2013 Tutorials

I am new to SharePoint 2013 and I have been trying to find "step-by-step" tutorials on how to create sub sites programmatically and other ways of using SharePoint in programmatic manner? Thanks
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How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days?

I have very little knowledge of SharePoint, and want to learn about SharePoint 2013. Most of the resources that I've found are either about what's new in 2013, or they have a bunch of links to ...
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Where can I find a good CAML tutorial?

I am just starting to get my feet wet with SP Foundation 2010, and need to customize some web parts. I am looking for some CAML tutorials that go beyond what's on the MSDN site, and also include the ...
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Another Learning SharePoint Question

I hate to ask yet another question about learning SharePoint but I've been clicking around for what feels like forever and am not satisfied. It seems to me that all sharepoint training falls into 4 ...
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Sharepoint 2010 Learning [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: An introduction to SharePoint 2010 All, I have been asked to learn Sharepoint 2010 and develop a workflow. My problem is that I am totally new to Sharepoint 2010. I been ...
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Custom list definition - fields in Elements.xml and Schema.xml

I'm creating a custom list definition in SharePoint 2010 by following this article. The tutorial is OK and it works. There is a thing that I don't understand though. Why do I need to insert the ...
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Information and tutorials about developing a SharePoint Service Application

I'm looking for information and tutorials on how to develop a SharePoint Service Application with the SharePoint Service Application Framework. The Internet seems to be full with information about how ...
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