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Sharepoint online -- managed metadata term set filter not working

Novice user here. We have created a list of products on sharepoint online. Products are tagged using a managed metadata term set. We would like to use this to either A) filter the list and save views ...
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TreeView WebPart Property

Is there a way to add a list items TreeView as a WebPart Property? Can you give me an overview on how to do this, knowing that the TreeView should contain selectable checkboxes that allow to retrieve ...
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Main field wont save his position

I am actually doin a wiki page and try to make the view perfect. My problem is the following. When i'm in editing mode everything looks fine. My menue on the left and my main on the right are on the ...
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Change width of TreeView

I'm trying to create a TreeView for my SharePoint page. I already finished the "main problem" of creating the view but I can't edit the width of the window. It looks pretty bad now, because it does ...
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List Tree View in Sharepoint Web Part

I need to create a Web-Part, where it shows all items from one list and if you expand the item, you see all items from another list which are connected to the first one and so on. So f.e. I got a ...
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Activating treeview navigation by CSOM?

I was wondering if it would be possible to activate treeview navigation using CSOM? I know it can bedone using powershell (TreeViewEnabled), but that doesn't directly translate to CSOM - at least I ...
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