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Enable/Disable the Toolbar of the ListView in a WebPart in Sharepoint 2013

I want my listview to have the toolbar as shown in the below pic. This list view is bound to a Document Library. I am new to SharePoint and have no idea how to enable or disable it when needed. ...
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Fix toolbar from sticking to the top

For some reason my toolbar is appearing way at the top of the page and I have no idea why this is happening. The last time it happened it was because I stopped inheriting permissions from the parent ...
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"Show Toolbar" style working in the document library view (not a webpart) - SP2013

I am actually quite confused as to why it worked. Here are my steps: Make a web part of the library anywhere, change the toolbar to "show toolbar". Save. Edit the web part again, this time change the ...
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Summary Toolbar (different style on same page)

I have 2 list web parts on the same page, both are using 'summary toolbar' type. However, one web part has this style: And another like this: . It's not a big deal to me but my manager ...
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Trying to restrict access to New and Upload in document library

I am trying to restrict access to both adding a new file and uploading a file to a SharePoint Online Document Library, but without removing permissions from users, I just need those two buttons to ...
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How to modify XsltListViewWebpart XmlDefinition property using powershell?

I'm using Sharepoint 2010. I've looked and tested several methods to try to do what is describe in the title of this post, but none of them are working. In the best case, the so called attribute is ...
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Toolbar Issue after Backup Sp-Site

I am currently work on sharepoint 2013 on premise and i am a issue with full toolbar. We got a test server where everything is ok and page got a custom page layout. Some page have a document library ...
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Shaded view style doesn't show toolbar

For some reason, when I create a view in my Document Library and set the style to Shaded the area that shows the views is no longer there. The only way to change views is to open the Library tab and ...
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announcement tiles web part doesn't show toolbar

So I've been playing around with all of the different web parts that can be added OOTB in SharePoint 2016 and I tried adding an Announcement Tiles web part to see how it is different from just an ...
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Change view order in SharePoint List toolbar

I have a list which is having more than 10 different views say All Tickets, My Tickets, Last Ticket, Project Tickets etc.. Every view has toolbar on the top for selecting different views, this ...
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SP2013 Toolbar keeps loading invalid http json response headers for commandui.ashx

Dear smart people out there, we published SP2013 via UAG 2010 sp4. The toolbar keeps showing 'Loading ...' In javascript there is a Deserialization error. My http response for the commandui.ashx ...
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How to have 'add item' button appear only in certain level of heirarchy

I have a document library with multiple level of folders and I only want the user to see the 'add item' button at the innermost level of each subfolder. I've placed the library in a webpart on the ...
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ListViewWebPart not showing "Add new Item" link

The "Add new item" link below the list is not showing. I use my own site template to create these web parts. Code here: <ListViewWebPart FileName="Default.aspx" Title="$...
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Sharepoint 2013 custom toolbar in list definition (VS 2013)

i've a problem with the customization of the toolbar in a list definition created in a custom view. I write the following code: <View BaseViewID="4" Name="f879f300-9dc7-4bcb-9e16-7dee86a118d7"...
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Sharepoint 2010 - xlviewer.aspx - Hide "Edit in Browser"

I have a document library where I store Excel files. The document library is configured to open documents in browser, so whenever I click on an Excel file it opens in xlviewer.aspx. Having Office Web ...
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3 answers

Remove button from Ribbon in a specific toolbar

I need to remove 'Upload Document' button from the Ribbon on a Document Set library, with the toolbar set to "None". I can successfully remove it from the Full Toolbar (which is the default one) ...
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6 answers

Hide the "Add new Item" option below the sharepoint 2010 list

I have a sharepoint 2010 list, I want to hide the option "add new item" which resides below the list, any suggestions?
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Toolbar to show the context of a ListViewWebPart

I'm using ListViewWebPart to display contents of SPFolder (subfolder inside a list) to display its contents. Below is the code to implement this: protected override void CreateChildControls() { ...
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SP 2010 Toolbar URL link button becomes inactive after multiple uses

When editing pages in SharePoint 2010 if our editors use the URL Link option in the toolbar on a page they can make sporadic links in the page with no problem, often doing Links from Address or Links ...
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