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Questions tagged [title-column]

Custom list has only one column when you first create it — the Title column.

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Title Column missing in Item Content Type

I am facing a very strange issue. When we created a subsite for one of our sites we were not able to add or edit any pages. We were getting an error: "You cannot edit this page". On ...
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Why all three Title column does not displayed in "Edit in Gridview" in SharePoint list?

We know that we have three Title column in SharePoint list to add into list views, Title Title (linked to an item with edit menu) Title (linked to an item) But when I add all 3 Title columns in Edit ...
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Title column displayed when adding new item in SP (NewForm.aspx)

I am desperately looking for an advise reg Title column topic. over the SP list I set Allow management of content types to YES and when I click on the specific content type, I see Column A,B,C, etc.......
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SharePoint Online Custom List Word-Wrap Titles

I am using SharePoint Online and have a custom list in the Modern Experience that has long titles for a few columns. With no luck I have been searching for a solution to have Word-Wraping on the title ...
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Is there a way to hide title bar on a specific page on sharepoint

I want to hide the title bar on Just one page of the sharepoint. I am using pageviewer webpart, and want to show only portion of the sharepoint page without the title bar, navigation bar, logo etc. So ...
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How do I make a custom title field in a SharePoint content type

I have a new site collection in SP2016 and want to use content types for several logs we will be using. I want to be able to take advantage of the menu associated with the "Title" column but want a ...
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How to display the title of the group in sharepoint list view?

I have this dispay. Notice the number right after the "Periode" group heading. I want that. Notice that the group heading is now have 2018-06 near the number of elements inside the groupe. Notice ...
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How to remove default "Title" from a list, but keep the "..." edit option?

I have a list. I would like to remove/hide the default "Title" column. But I would like to keep the options for the users to edit/delete the elements by clicking on the "...". Is that archiveable ...
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How Do I incremental number for each new entry in SharePoint list?

I want the title column to have an incremental number for each new entry how do I do that.
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Title column in list

I am having a list with few columns and one is Title (linked to item with menu) and other is Title. When I am trying to set up the view I can see that the Title column in the view selection getting ...
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List Title Column - Rename, Hide or Remove Completely

I've been dealing with SharePoint for a short while now and looking at many questions new admins, devs and users have it seems a number of them are related to the Title column that comes standard with ...
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Managed Propoerties - Crawled Properties were NOT generated for renamed Title Columns of SPlists and document libraries

Am facing issue in search while searching for renamed Title columns from various SPLists and DocumentLibraries in my publishing site collection. Say projectrequestnumber is the renamed column of the ...
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Change Title (linked to item with edit menu) to different column

How can I change the column in a SharePoint list that has the link to the item and the link to the item with edit menu eg: Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu) I want to have ...
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