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Sharepoint workflow around the clock

In the company I work for, we really work around the clock and more... This get particularly noticeable when we use approval workflows in SharePoint document libraries. If a user in Europe uploads a ...
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Using SharePoint as a shift/schedule management tool?

Is there an intuitive or functional way to use SharePoint (office 365 version) to manage employee weekly shifts? Instead of just spreadsheets, SharePoint can allow our dispatchers can find an ...
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How can i customize columns for time format only as [h]:mm:ss for analysis purposes?

I need three columns in a custom list that shows time only - such as check-in time; 06:00:00 and checkout time; 06:45:24, I need to calculate the time differences in the third columns such as 00:45:...
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Calculating Time Duration

Working within SP, I have two columns Tech Checkin and Tech Checkout with a third column titled Visit Duration. The tech checkin and check out columns will contain a time only and are set as single ...
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How to Add time in SharePoint List?

I am wondering how to add time field in sharepoint list which will allow users to enter time. Is this possible in SharePoint? If Yes, How can I achieve this?
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