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A term set is a collection of related terms in Managed MetaData service.

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Will checking "multiple value field" when editing a site column have side effects?

SharePoint 2013 non-dev here. I have a page content type with a column we are using to indicate a location that managed metadata. I want that field to allow multiple values to be added in from the ...
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Reading a Term Set using javascript

I am trying to read a term set (Ideally I want it in tree order) but haven't figured out a simple way of doing that yet. So I have the below working about from the line where I am trying to read the ...
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How do I programmatically get sub terms in a reused term?

Lets say I have two Term Sets named: A & B. In Term Set A I have a term X that i want to reuse in Term Set B. Under X I have some "Child-Terms". How do i programmatically get the "Child-Terms" of ...
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Add URL to the Taxonomy Terms Created using CSOM

I have been successful in creating terms in the term store using CSOM code. But I have been not been able to set URL for those terms. Small code snippet - TermSet termset = group.TermSets.GetByName(...
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Using Terms in Search Result Display Template

I'm writing a custom Result Type Display Template and I would like to display an item's term set in a <ul> list. The ctx.CurrentItem contains the managed property { 'terms': "GP0|#88e40baa-...
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showing out of the box custom properties tab for terms in termstore in sharepoint 2010

We want to capture additional metadata for each Term (Ex: Requested for, Requested date, Requested by). These properties are not available in SharePoint 2010 OOTB but can be achieved using Term....
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What is concept of terms, keywords and term sets?

Keywords: Within a SharePoint 2013 site, descriptive metadata (words or phrases) can be directly assigned to any list item or document; these words and phrases are called keywords. Are the keywords ...
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Hierarchical Metadata - how can they be used in search reasonably?

In a SharePoint 2013 site, we have defined metadata hierarchically in groups like a tree. My question: Which behavior of SharePoint 2013 is possible and "wanted" for searching content by such ...
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Managed Metadata Term Group - Export Import across farm

We have a DEV environment with Managed metadata "Term Group" for our project e.g. TermGroupA. Another project uses a managed metadata "Term Group" e.g. TermGroupB on UAT environment. We need to ...
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TermSet 'ID' is a ReadOnly property

I'm trying to set a TermSet.ID in Term Store, but fail since this is a read-only property. Is there any way to override the ReadOnly setting? if ((Get-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" -...
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