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A term set is a collection of related terms in Managed MetaData service.

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How to set Termset on managed metadata field in XML?

I am building some VS SharePoint solution. I have a feature which provision columns and a content type. One of the columns is a managed metadata field. I would like to set the Termset on this managed ...
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Get Parent term set id using JSOM

I want to get parent term set id in SharePoint online using term_parent.get_id(); in below code.I am getting all terms but unable to get parent term id.It is giving me error as Uncaught Error: ...
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managed metadata columns and filtering

I use some term sets to be used in columns. The term sets are hiearchically nested with several levels. E.g. Machine Mechanics Frame Bottom Lid Lid bolts Structure Plate 1 Plate 2 Fixture ...
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