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Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript is not invoking the javascript function on ASPX page

Below is my code structure. ASPX: <telerik:RadCodeBlock ID="RadCodeBlock1" runat="server"> <script type="text/javascript" src="../jquery-2.1.3.js&...
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Connecting Kendo UI Chart to SharePoint 2013 REST API

I am a beginner to Telerik's Kendo UI Toolset and am having trouble connecting my UI Chart to our SharePoint's REST API. The chart displays when I debug the add in, in Visual Studio. However, the ...
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How to troubleshoot the web.config runtime error in sharepoint 2010 environment?

There are telerik control assembly entries in the config file. How can I know root cause of this error? Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on ...
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Solution Deployment : Error occurred for solution solution.wsp - Error: The copying of this file failed: Telerik.Web.Design.dll

I am getting below error while deploying solution. In Central Admin Some of the files failed to copy during deployment of the solution. In ULS Solution Deployment : Error occurred for solution ...
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Kendo Grid & Rich text Editor of Sharepoint 2013

I'm using custom grids (Kendo UI Core free version) into an sharepoint 365 APP. I would like to use the Rich text Editor of sharepoint 2013 when I edit some fields. is this possible?
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Error Register Assembly visual web part

I'm developing a web part in SharePoint 2013 using VS2012. In this web part I'm trying to use third party dll controls like telerik but i face a problem : Could not load file or assembly...... and ...
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Telerik SpellChecker crashed Site.Help! [closed]

I am using Telerik Rad Editor for spellcheck for my wss 3.0 site. Site has been working all fine, but it suddenly just crashed without any action from my side. I got following error" Web Part Error: ...
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Telerik RadChart in a Sharepoint 2010 webpart [closed]

Wondering if anyone can detail step by step how to use the Telerik RadChart control in a Sharepoint 2010 webpart.....what modifications need to be made to the web.config, etc. The info on the site is ...
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Web part will not be shown on a wikipage in edit mode

I created a web-part using Telerik AJAX components. If I insert the web part in a sharepoint wiki page, the web-part is not shown. But if the wiki page is beeing saved with "save & close" the web-...
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Telerik alternative [closed]

When acquiring a greater software license our company must present at least two alternatives to the software we want to buy. We want to use Telerik for extended editor functionality and image ...
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