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STSDEV is a proof-of-concept utility application which demonstrates how to generate Visual Studio project files and solution files

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WSP deployment repeats last characters of a file

I have a weird issue with deployment of a WSP file. A little background info: The Visual Studio solutions consists of 28 projects (don't ask... I inherited it :-)) of which 26 files generate a WSP ...
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Trimming audit events

We'd enabled all types of audit events for our production web-application and ended up with an issue with DB as auditData table grown to 50GB. Now, we want to reduce the size of the AuditData table. ...
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How to deploy DLL as SafeControls? (No manual solutions, please)

I've user controls project (UI) and am using AJAX Extension Toolkit with them. The dll of AJAX Extension Toolkit is referenced in the project. The project is successfully compiling. Another project ...
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VSeWSS vs WSPBuilder vs STSDEV for WSS 3.0 / SharePoint 2007 development

What are your personal experiences with using these tools? I tried VSeWSS when it first came out and was frustrated by it. Each new version has been the same for me but for different reasons. ...