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Creating new copy of Infopath form to allow user to resubmit to library as new copy

I created a form in which once in status approved I am planning on having a new view which would be read only for the customer. Our customers need to have access to the library to look at their ...
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SharePoint workflow shows Rejected after 1 user removed from workflow

I have a document approval workflow where I added 2 users. One of the users was added using a wrong account. I was not allowed to edit the task and redirect to the correct account, so the only option ...
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SharePoint library web service

I have a SharePoint document library. I need to access the file architecture in the library and also get the approval status for each file. How can I get the information using SharePoint web ...
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SharePoint workflow Status

I created a SharePoint designer workflow with name GraphicsWF. I want to get only the approved items, for that am using the query below <Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="GraphicsWF" /><...
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Speedometer gauge using calculated columns?

My idea is implement a speedometer gauge at the top of my page that will change dynamically based on the average of a column, what i'm thinking is to use three speedometer images (low/med/high) and ...
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Status Updates related to data entry

I am new to SharePoint and was tasked with a large project. Basically we are going to have a data entry point for information. Is there a way to track what the status of the data entry is if there ...
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Creating a Status notification SP 2013. Script to make it fade?

I have some code that creates a new status bar but it just stays on top without fading. It doesn't even have an 'x' to close it manually. The following is how I am adding a new SP status from code ...
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