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1 answer

Calculated formulas for tracking progress

I would like to let my team know if their document is progressing on track. I have a start date and due date and a column that they must enter their progress %. In a tracking column I would like to ...
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Capture static date & time when list item "status" column changed to "6-Completed"

Using a Sharepoint List to capture issues and tasks and need to be able to determine how long each item has spent in a specific "status". "Status" column has choices as below; 1-...
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Status Color instead of Status Text

So I am trying to add the color to the field instead of the status text. How would you guy by doing this?
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Creating a Status notification SP 2013. Script to make it fade?

I have some code that creates a new status bar but it just stays on top without fading. It doesn't even have an 'x' to close it manually. The following is how I am adding a new SP status from code ...
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How to send an email when an item's status has been in pending for too long?

I have a workflow set up on my sharepoint 2010 site that will email an employee's manager when they've submitted a new list item. The manager will get the email, go to the site and approve the list ...
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