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Show a percent as a stand-a-lone on Power BI dashboard

I want to get the percentage from two columns (ColumnA and ColumnB) and show it up on my Power BI dashboard as a stand a lone card. Do I have to make a calculated Column first? Then how do I get ...
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Can't add local user as managed account Sharepoint 2016

I am trying to add a local user on my machine as a managed account on my Sharepoint server. I''ve built the SharePoint server on a HyperV machine as a sandpit site and it is a single-Server config. ...
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What does "You cannot use this method on a domain controller or in a workgroup environment"

I want to install the stand alone sharepoint 2013 version to do some testing. But the docs say "You cannot use this method on a domain controller or in a workgroup environment"- What does that mean? ...
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Can we deploy a custom WebPart on a standalone SharePoint server?

I installed SharePoint 2013 Foundation and during the installation I choose standalone mode. So when I explored the newly created site features,there were only few features. Question : Can I now ...
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2013 Stand Alone

I have access to a PC with VM Player and would like to install a stand alone version of SharePoint 2013. Do you know a source where I could get this (have been advised non hyper-v)> Thanks
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An exception of type System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException was thrown. Additional exception information: The data is invalid

I have an issue while running the SharePoint 2010 configuration Wizard. I'm getting an error while running this wizard. "Failed to create the configuration database." "An exception of type System....
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New-SPConfigurationDatabase Failed in SharePoint workgroup installation

I installed SharePoint 2013 on fresh windows server 2008 R2 SP1 in standalone mode. SharePoint prerequisites installed automatically from net. After I configured SharePoint, My Distributed Cache ...
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Is a Standalone SharePoint 2010 Server Good Enough as a Test Environment for Production SharePoint Farm

I have inherited SharePoint 2010 at work and would like to test some features we are not utilizing. I would like a testing environment for SP but being limited on resources, I want to set this up on ...
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Host headers for SharePoint foundation

Can we configure host headers for SharePoint Standalone environment? without Active Directory?
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create a content/configuration database using local account with powershell

so someone set up a sharepoint dev environment for me using SP2010 on Windows 2008 R2, and SQL 2008 R2, but they didn't install it as a stand alone which is what I was going after. There is no domain ...
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SharePoint 2013 development from Visual Studio 2012

Do I need to install VS 2012 after SP 2012. I don't see SP 2013 Project options only SP 2010. I install VS 2012 before SP 2013.
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SharePoint 2013 Standalone VM for Development good enough?

I'm building a VM for SP 2013 development. Will be developing Solutions, WebParts, Custom forms, Dataviews, Business Data Connectivity, Custom Fields, inline Jquery, SSRS reports for deployment into ...
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SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard error step 2 of 10 on Windows 7

Following are the error details from the log file The ServerBindings or SecureBindings property was not found for IIS schema IIsWebServer An exception of type System.InvalidOperationException was ...
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Using a development farm or standalone for developing against SP2010 Standard and Enterprise features?

When doing development for SharePoint 2010 Standard and Enterprise features, should we use a farm or a standalone setup? Please note that a similar question was asked ,but this aspect was not taken ...
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move from standalone installation to a small farm (SharePoint Server 2010)

One of our clients has a sharepoint standalone installation (few web apps with several site collections + user profile service, web analytics, search). They requested to move db to a new server. I'm ...
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