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Questions tagged [sql-analysis-services]

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SSAS, is an online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and reporting tool in Microsoft SQL Server.

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Excel services MSOLAP.8 provider for SSAS OLAP cube

I have an Excel file in SharePoint 2013. This file has an underlying connection to SSAS OLAP cube. However, when trying to open this file using Excel Services, the following error occurs: The ...
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#N/A in all fields

I'm trying to display my data in a dashboard from a cube. However the data displays as #N/A in all fields. However in VS I'm able to actually see the data. I'm sure this is probably a settings issue ...
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sharepoint 2013 dashboard designer not connected to SSAS datasources

I created a new fresh SharePoint 2013 farm with two servers ( win 2012 R2) Application server ( running, secure store,performance point service, ) wfe server after that i created a simple BI site ...
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Add SQL Analysis Services to a existing SharePoint Farm

Our SharePoint Farm is based on a failover SQL cluster (MS SQL 2012 Standard). The problem is, that the Analysis Services were not installed with the database engine. If I'm understanding right, it's ...
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Cannot Connect Cube with Sharepoint Dashboard Designer 2013

I have created a cube in SQL Server 2014 using the Adventure Works database and following the tutorial on msdn. Next, I deployed it through Analysis service to integrate it with Dashboard Designer on ...
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How I Can Add SSAS TO Excel Services Application Trusted Data Provider in Share Point 2013?

I use SharePoint 2013 and I want create some Excel Report from my SSAS database. For configuration my Excel Service, I go to Central Administration and Manage service applications, then Excel ...
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Review or Simulation to make user to have right access

When you work for a organization that has about 300 users in a SharePoint solution and I need to review if right user has access to right page to right information. Is there a simulation approach to ...
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Create Cube & Dimension from SharePoint 2010 List

I want to Create cube and dimension from SharePoint List and want to generate result using MDX on SharePoint List, so Please anyone can guide me how to import SharePoint 2010 List directly to SSAS ? ...
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Powerview doubleclick custom link

Is it possible to have a custom link in PowerView on a SharePoint page? For example, embedding JavaScript to open a custom dialog or anything else which would work..
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How to setup Kerberos Constrained Delegation for SharePoint Excel Services and Analysis Services

This question is in continuation to MSOLAPSvc.3 service missing from kerberos delegation Target : To refresh a pivot table based out of a SSAS cube using Windows Authentication in the excel service ...
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How to Create Analysis service Data Source for SharePoint Dashboard designer?

We don't have data warehouse, we want to add Reports in SharePoint dashboard designer from SharePoint list as data-source, but Reports accepts only analysis service as Data source. So can anyone ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Excel services refresh using Claims based NTLM?

I am able to upload reports in a sharepoint library that have embedded data connections to a cube(SQL2008\AnalysisInstance). We are not using power pivot. We are running Sql 2008 standard version. ...
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Crunching numbers according to user-defined formulas: best approach?

I have been trying different solutions to this problem, including a completely custom data processing module; now I feel like I've run out of options and was wondering what people thought was the best ...
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MSOLAPSvc.3 service missing from kerberos delegation

I'm trying to configure PerformancePoint using this article and Analysis Services is running and configured on that box, but the constrained delegation won't let me choose the MSOLAPSvc.3 service ...
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PerformancePoint 2010: Could not add an Analysis Service Data source in the Dashboard Designer

Environment: SharePoint 2010 on Windows 2008 R2 Standard + SQL Server 2008 R2, Dashboard Designer I was successfully able to add a standard SQL Table as a data source and create a Scorecard Dashboard ...
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Error with credentials installing SQL 2008 R2 PowerPivot on SharePoint 2010 Front End

Scenario: We have a server farm that consists of (2) back-end servers, (2) web front-ends that are accessed via the internal network, and (2) web front-ends that are accessed from outside the network (...
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Can you build a SQL Analysis cube from term store taxonomy and user profiles?

We are using a term store taxonomy for the company organisation and each user profile has been tagged to a organisation taxonomy item. Now the demand is to view how many people are located in a ...
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