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Represents a user in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

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How do I convert SPUser to SPFieldUser?

I have a field in a list that accepts an SPFieldUser object. I have an SPUser object that I would like to populate that field with, but I cannot implicitly convert from one to the other. How would I ...
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How to find permission level for specific user using visual studio?

How to find permission level for specific user in site collection and subsite using visual studio?
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Error in Web.EnsureUser(user) :- User Not Found

Hey Friends I am trying to develop a web part in that I am fetching the user name. But doing this I am getting the error that User cannot be found. But the main thing is that in the line where I ...
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How to know the exact loginname of the user who operates as system account?

If current logged user operates as "System Account", SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.LoginName will return "sharepoint\system", so I want to know the exact loginname of the user. Here is what I ...
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How to remove user from Sharepoint Group using JavaScript?

I want to add and remove user to/from Office 365 Group. I tried using C# code but got error : "User does not exist or is not unique". After searching on the web I can't find solution.So i tried ...
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SPFieldUserValue User is null

I have a list in which I can also view the version of each item. Suppose I have an item ItemX which has been modified by UserX, I then delete UserX and try to view the version item of ItemX which had ...
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Display SPUser Information on an application page

I have an application page (SP2010) where I have a SPUser object (the current user), now I would like to display this SPUser as an Hyperlink on the apsx, linked to his UserProfilePage (userdisp.aspx) ...
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How to check if current user is exist in a AD group inside a Sharepoint group

I have a sharepoint permission group with some permissionslevels. The name is: "SPProgress". Inside this group I have inserted a AD usergroup with the name "ADProgress". I would like to check in ...
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How do I restrict access to a particular page in SharePoint?

I want two pages from my site to be restricted from viewers until its contents are thoroughly checked by my team. How do I accomplish this? Thank you very much!
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Getting SPUser Last login date / time

Is there a way to get the last login time from an SPUser object? I don't want the last login time to Active Directory, but specifically for the sharepoint site.
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How to map Claims to SPUser object?

I have SharePoint 2010 with Claims Authentication (SAML / AD FS v2). I have made an incoming mapping for UPN, Role, CommonName. I want to show the user's "DisplayName" in the right corner (the Name on ...
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Get SPUser by passing Email address

i have an Email address of particular user. Now i want the SP username of that particular email address programatically. Thanks.
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