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Use of SPSecurityTrimmedControl:SPSecurityTrimmed Control to load SharePoint JS for authenticated users only

I'm trying to unload SharePoint JS files, such as core.js, init.js and other unnecessary JS files in order to enhance site performance and to achieve SEO standards as well. Currently I'm using the ...
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SPO: How to security trim html elements?

This is my first attempt at security trimming in SPO. I have the following requirement. In a content editor webpart there`s some html code that presents links. One of them, I'd like to be security ...
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Sharepoint Foundation 2013 Hide Webpart on page

I created a Site Page in SharePoint Foundation 2013. The page is laid our with two columns an a header. In the second column I have a webpart for a document library that only certain users have ...
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How to show the hyperlink based on user permission?

I need to show the hyperlink of the text based on user permission in my custom web part, I know about SharePoint trimmed control feature, but I am not sure how to apply this feature for Hyperlink, I ...
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SPSecurityTrimmedControl isn't executed in the edit mode

When I click on Edit Page button the code below doesn't execute, but I have all permissions: <SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl ID="SPSecurityTrimmedControl2" runat="server" PermissionsString="...
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How to show/hide div tag based on the user permission

I have used custom div for share icon.When admin login to the site the share icon will be shown.and other user login to the site the share icon will be can I do this?
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Security Trimmed Control in case of Permission Inheritance Break in SharePoint 2013

We have a requirement to hide the gear icon (site settings, site contents etc) based on the user permission. We have implemented by using the Security Trimmed control snippet in the master page. ...
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SPSecurityTrimmedControl on Surveys overview.aspx

I really need an expert advice. I have been created classic Survey on Sharepoint Foundation 2013 and set all needed permission. And this is great for my HR department except one thing. They want me ...
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What do "PermissionContext" do in SPSecurityTrimmedControl?

I am trying to understand SPSecurityTrimmedControl. I want to make use of it in Master page to hide Site action (the gear icon) from all readonly users. I found there is a parameter "...
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Issue while show/hide content using SPSecurityTrimmedControl

I want to show/hide the search box based on the current logged in user. I have one permission group for e.g., xyz. this group has contribute permission to only document library(not even to the web). ...
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