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Questions tagged [sprequest]

SPRequest is an internal class from the SharePoint object model. The SP.SPRequest COM object exposes almost 400 basic operations and almost everything you do with the Microsoft.NET managed SharePoint object model that reads from or writes to the ContentDatabase (including data, fields, content types, list schemas, etc) will actually go via this unmanaged COM object.

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How to connect to SharePoint ( with Node.js) using OAuth with user context?

I created a Node.js App that connects to SharePoint(OnPremise and O365) and does all sorts of things. The app uses sp-request and node-sp-auth APIs for Basic Authentication (username, password), and ...
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How to upload a file with new version using SharePoint REST API?

I wrote some code to update a file in My SharePoint library using SharePoint REST API and sp-request. I tried to replicate this example from MSDN pages, and it works. return'http://...
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Get a httpModule before SPRequest

I am currently supporting an application running on SharePoint 2007 and have run in to a problem with the order of httpModules. I've written a module that initiates context needed by our role ...
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Failed to retrieve the COM class factory for component with CLSID SP.SPRequest

On SharePoint 2010, we have one service running at SharePoint WFE which is using the SharePoint server API. If the SharePoint and our service are not used for couple days, we may get the following ...
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Decompiling SharePoint - Finding "extern" Function Implementations

I'm decompiling some of the methods in the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll to try to see whether or not I can use some of these classes for what I need or if I have to reinvent the wheel... Anyhow, I can ...
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