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GetDataTable equivalent for Sharepoint Online powershell

I'm in the process of migrating our intranet to SharePoint Online. One of the pieces that I need to tackle is to update all my automation powershell scripts. I have a number of scripts that use the ...
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How to add a DataTable with Drop-down Select Menus

Can I add drop-down select menu to my data table plugins? When I filter Issue_x0020_Status as Active, Resolved and Closed it only shows what ever the user filter. This is my page And Similar to this ...
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When using GetDataTable() to retrieve the list data, the multiple value enabled people picker values are not correct

I was using GetDataTable() function to get the list data from a list "Orders". Orders table has a multiple enabled people picker. When the data table is selected, the people picker value(PersonOne; ...
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How to find the item ID of a list in SharePoint using REST?

At some point in time, I want to update a specific Item in a list. I Know that I have to use the REST call to update a specific item. Below is my URL.
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Difference between SPList.GetDataTable and SPList.GetItems(SPQuery).GetDataTable

I've few questions as below: Can some one please explain me the difference between SPList.GetDataTable and SPList.GetItems(SPQuery).GetDataTable methods? Explain the meaning of the parameters for ...
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