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SharePoint List form customized with Power Apps displays very little in size although the Preview screen displays perfectly

I have a SP list with customized form through power apps[canvas app]. When I go to and preview the form [set size 1185x790(potraitxlarge)], it displays the form with perfect size. When I ...
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Create a customized default entry in a input box of a NewForm.aspx based on total count (increment)

New at creating JavaScript Code in SharePoint. I'm trying to create a customize default value input on my NewForm.aspx. It's based on counting the number of entries so far (including 0) and then ...
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Custom NewForm , Redirect to a custom page using Powershell

I could achieve this i.e. creating a list's NewForm named CustomNewForm.aspx setting it as Default NewForm and editing it in advanced mode to add a script code which redirects to CustomForm.aspx Page ...
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Created columns are not showing in custom new form(Add) page in SharePoint 2013 List?

I created a New Custom page in the list and set it as default, Before that, I enabled the Allow management of content types? checkbox and created a column by checking Add to all content types check ...
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Passing a value from Site Page HTML Form WP to 'NewForm.aspx' modal-popup inSharePoint Online

TLDR I am looking to pass the value of an HTML Form Web Part Filter on a Site Page to a Text Field on a New Form, when the New Form is invoked from a button as a modal-popup from the same site page ...
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How to resize fields on custom NewForm.aspx of List

I know this question has been asked previously but I can't quite get mine to work. So, I have a Calendar with some custom columns. I have two columns - a Yes/No and a Date column that I want side by ...
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Trigger a workflow when an item is added and apply Permissions using ItemEvent receiver simultaneously

Scenario:As per my requirement I need to create a projectrequest form with NEW/Edit/Display. when I click on the add new item ,the new custom input form which is created using the SP DESIGNER 2013 - ...
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