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Questions tagged [spfx-webparts]

Technical questions about building and using web parts based on the SharePoint Framework client-side development model.

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How to read from the Image column in sharepoint Online lists using RestAPI?

In SP Online lists (modern experience), I've added a Image formatting and constraints for publishing column to the list (via site columns), it converted my modern list into classic. Also I am not able ...
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How to change web description in SPFx React webpart?

I'm writing an SPFx web part using React. I can get the description of the current web like this: let desc = this.props.context.pageContext.web.description; But how can I change the web description? ...
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How to call an API request in the .ts file spfx not the main component

This is my web part below, I need to call an API so I can dynamically populate the scope property dropdown that are provided as 'settings' to the web part. Can I use componentdidmount? Doesn't seem to ...
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SPFX webpart “Deploying a domain isolated package on a site collection app catalog is not supported.”

Getting an error like on SPFX webpart "Deploying a domain isolated package on a site collection app catalog is not supported."
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Does anyone know how to use live persona card and load data from a SharePoint list?

Does anyone know how to use live persona card and load data from a SharePoint list
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Subscribing to list changes using ListSubscriptionFactory: failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established

I followed the Subscribe to list notifications article. I was able to get notified when list items were added or updated. The code: export default class BookingRequestsWebPart extends ...
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SPHttpClient undefined error: Using React JS to add item in SharePoint list

I'm trying to add an item in SharePoint Online list using SPFx solution where I'm using React JS to perform the action. Below is the copied code, when debugging it says that: "VM242:1 Uncaught ...
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Adding same webpart with different configuration, multiple times on the same page [closed]

I have created a SPFX webpart, so when I add this webpart multiple time on the same page then same data appears on both webparts even if they have different property pane configuration. The property ...
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Yeoman generator for WebPart can't find Github repo #spfx #spfx-webparts #spfx-tooling

I'm trying to create a new WebPart using the directions here. When I try to install the yeoman generator @microsoft/sharepoint it attempts to reference a github repository (microsoft/sharepoint) that ...
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Angular 2 Routing in SharePoint Framework - SPFX

Using Angular.IO site's Routing example , I created a simple SPFX webpart with two components Dashboard and HeroDetails. When I try to run it through SharePoint site I see following error. Attaching ...
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getting current logged in user in SP list

I have made one webpart using spfx, on submit button its values are pushing in SP list but in SP list I want user who is currently logged in, its value should come in one of the field of Sp list, how ...
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How to Call 3rd party API using Azure function and display in SharePoint online Site using SPFx?

I have create one azure function to call 3rd party API and used application ID in SPFx webpart but when on 'gulp serve' it shows error. I have tried in both team site as well as developer site. I am ...
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React State in Property Pane?

While using SPFx with React how do I use state in the property pane to change and manipulate values instead of default properties? Can I add state to the BaseClientSideWebPart? Or is there another way ...
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