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Adaptive Card Extension (SPFx) build fails with no warnings or errors

My Adaptive Card Extension (ACE) works perfectly in the workbench, however when I try to package it, first with gulp bundle --ship then gulp package-solution --ship it fails to package. The bundling ...
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Can you deploy a SharePoint ACE as a web part on a page?

I have build the ACE and deployed to App catalog but unfortunately I cannot add as web part. I am able to add it to the dashboard but I was wondering inf you're able to just add it like a web part to ...
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How to collect Criteria to filter SP list on from user in SPFx ACE

I have an spfx ace that has a quick view which is populated from a SP List. The list has fields "Phone Number", "Carrier" and "Country". All works OK, but I really want ...
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Adaptive Cards Cannot add description property

I am trying to build Image Adaptive Card for the first time, I thought "Description" Property can be added how it can added in the normal web part SPFx. I was wondering how to add "...
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How to add dynamic choices to SPFx 1.13.1 ACE QuickView

So I have the Adaptive card working in the adaptive card desiner. The QuickView JSON is this: { "type": "AdaptiveCard", "$schema": "
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How to get current user infomation/context within adaptive cards spfx?

Build your first SharePoint Adaptive Card Extension I am following the tutorials/docs in above link and I have created my first ACE. However, I can't see in the docs or by googling, how to get the ...
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