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Questions tagged [spcascadedropdowns]

SPServices - jQuery library for SharePoint Web Services offer function named SPCascadeDropdowns function. The SPCascadeDropdowns function lets you set up cascading dropdowns on SharePoint forms.

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Reverse / Delete SPCascadedropdowns filter effect

This may sound like a silly question. I'm sorry if it truly is. So, I have a field Product Number that is filtered via SPCascadedropdowns. I would like to make this filtering conditional. Based on the ...
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SharePoint online list to raise a ticket

I'm trying to create a list to raise a ticket, it contains multiple drop down list. As for SharePoint online I'm unable to use form web parts, in order to use content editor or script editor for ...
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SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns is not working "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed"

I am working on a sharepoint online team site. and i want to define a Cascade drop down for main and sub categories. so i follow the steps mentioned in this Demo. Where in my case i created 3 lists ...
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SP 2010 Multilevel SPCascadeDropdowns not working

I have a problem with an Multilevel Dropdown Cascade . I have on List where the user should work with "Projects" and 3 Lists for the cascades The first cascade works fine but not the second this ...
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Error with both SPCascadeDropdowns and SPSetMultiSelectSizes

I'm having problems using both SPCascadeDropdowns and SPSetMultiSelectSizes on an initial display of an Editform. The SPCascadeDropdowns works fine on its own. The parentColumn value (Listkey in my ...
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