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SharePoint namespace. This namespace includes members to work with status messages, notifications, and dialogs.

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how to load SharePoint default .js file manually in master page?

I have created SharePoint calendar list and added it to my custom page (with the custom master page).some time sp.ui.applicationpages.calendar.debug.js not loaded in IOS mobiles(also not loaded in ...
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Missing PageStatusBar SharePoint 2016

For the SP2013 I used the following javascript to show messages: var msId = SP.UI.Status.addStatus('Message:', 'A message'); SP.UI.Status.setStatusPriColor(msId, 'red'); I migrated (and upgraded to ...
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How to forbid the closing of sp notification?

When I want to add a simple SharePoint notification to my page, I can do the following: SP.UI.Notify.addNotification("Some process is running...", true); But when I click on this notification it ...
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Have differing colors using SP.UI.Status on a page

I am using SP.UI.Status to display announcements. Some announcements are using the default yellow status and icon and some are using the red status and icon. Both of these work fine on their own. ...
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SP.UI.ModalDialog undefined - Close SharePoint Modal dialog with javascript

I have created a modal dialog in SharePoint with the elements.xml. I use a SharePoint Hosted app. This is my CustomAction Definition: <CustomAction Id="2c2b7036-4582-4238-8205-b348628c0ed9....
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SP.UI.Status anonymously inaccessible

Using Office 365 (SharePoint Online) I have stumbled into an annoying thing. Some parts of the JavaScript CSOM does not seem to be accessible when your browse the site anonymously. If Firstly I tried ...
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making an SP.UI print dialog

I'm thinking of adding a print button to my list ribbon , the minute I click on this button a print dialog appears showing the list of the available printers on my computer. so this printdialog i was ...
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SP.UI.ModalDialog.RefreshPage from the dialog itself?

I have customized the display form on one of my list. On a webpart page, I have drop a view to this list. When I click on the title of my item, the custom disp form is shown as expected in a modal ...
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