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Questions tagged [social-feed]

In SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises farms, interactive social feeds are designed to encourage people to share information and to stay connected with people and content. You can see many of the feed features on the Newsfeed page on a user's personal site. Feeds contain collections of threads that represent microblog posts, conversations, status updates, and other notifications.

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Rest api to post documents, pictures in custom news feed web part

I have created custom web part for news feed.I can post text content through the rest API ,but I need to post images and documents through the rest API. I followed msdn blog also.In msdn blog text ...
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Enable Hidden Feature for Newsfeed Why?

I have seen Blogs where you can activate the "Hidden" News Feed Web Part though PowerShell and then add it to a Standard SharePoint Team Site. Enable-SPFeature -Identity "6928b0e5-5707-46a1-ae16-...
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Social feed REST API return incomplete result inside a SharePoint app

Inside a provider hosted app I want to retrieve the social feed from the MySite. Unfortunateley I realized that threads, which are related to a site collection are completeley missing in the result ...
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