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A social feature of SharePoint, a site feed is a place on a team site to post information, and reply to other posts. Similar to a newsfeed.

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cannot enable site feed feature on sharepoint 2013 enterprise wiki

hi I cannt enable sharepoint 2013 site feed feature on sharepoint 2013 enterprise wiki is there any solution to do that what is the problem
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User Profile Service Application - Feed Cache Repopulation Job - Failed

User Profile Service Application - Feed Cache Repopulation Job fails each time trying to run. Wondering if this is dependent on the farm using the SharePoint User Profile Sync Service (and FIM) vs. ...
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How to add SiteFeed Webpart or similar app to SharePoint Designer/InfoPath form?

Is there any way to add SiteFeed-Webpart in form via any means? Or any alternate method will be preferable? Thanks
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How to add a Site Feed(Newsfeed) OOTB web part to one of the tab in a JQuery tabbed UI?

How do I show a Newsfeed webpart in one of the tab in a Custom Tabbed Sandbox Visual Webpart? I've an html UI using JQuery UI tab. Some of the tabs contain static html, I want to add a new tab say "...
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Increase number of shown posts by a "Site Feed" (Newsfeed) web part

I need to increase the number of posts shown by a "Site Feed" web part. The best would be to see all posts. Does anyone know the functionality of the "show more posts" button? I can´t find the the ...
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Copying MySite Trending Tags Webpart

I am wanting to replicated the 'Trending tags' and the 'I'm following' webparts that you typically find on MySite pages. It's to accompany an already existing 'SiteFeed' webpart. I can't find either ...
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Site microfeed throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object error

I'm having issue with in a customer's SharePoint 2013 environment (CU level December'15) where sitefeed webpart throws "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error. When searching ...
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How can I change the alert time for tag-specific search alerts to immediate instead of 'daily' or 'weekly'?

I've set up an alert to send me notification any time a specific tag is used... based on the search page for that tag. Unfortunately, the only alert options are for "daily" or "weekly". My team needs ...
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Site NewsFeed Conversation box missing

Having this issue with my sharepoint site where the NewsFeed "Start a Conversation Box" doesn't appear. When logged in as administrator I can see the conversation box and post to the site. But when ...
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SharePoint Designer 2013 Announcements WebPart

I'm currently using SharePoint Designer 2013 to create a custom home page for a SharePoint site. I've created an announcements WebPart however I'm having a lot of issues formatting it. I've attached a ...
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SharePoint 2013 - Display feeds from multiple sites

I would like to know if it's possible to display feeds from multiple sites in one single Site feeds webpart using OOTB features or programmatically ? Thanks.
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SiteFeed WebPart Not Displaying- Sharepoint 2013

I am trying to add the newsfeed/sitefeed on the root site. I don't see the webpart available under social collaboration as this thread suggests. I followed the instructions and the sitefeed is active ...
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Site Feed Web Part times out

We have a site feed on the landing page for our SharePoint site, after a minute or two the content disappears until the Heading for the web part is clicked to refresh it. My understanding is that ...
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Multiple sitefeeds on one site

Is it possible to have 2 individual sitefeeds on the same site? I'd like to add a sitefeed to a seperate page which doesn't include content from the primary sitefeed. By default, SharePoint mirrors ...
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Sharepoint 2013: Site Feed Users Post Count

Am creating a custom wp to count users post on site feed but cant find the list source. Will basic CAML and item count will do? SPList spl3 = site.Lists["SiteFeedName"]; SPQuery query3 = new ...
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Cannot activate Site Feed feature

I am trying to activate "Site Feed" feature in my Site Collection, but I am getting the following errors via UI: UI: SiteFeedFeatureReceiver: can only be enabled on the same farm where MySites are ...
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Least Permission to add to Site Feed?

I have some site feeds in various sub sites that I would like site visitors to be able to contribute to for feedback purposes. However, with just read permissions they cannot contribute to the site ...
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Why does altering the height attribute for the input box on a sitefeed web part break its validation?

I'm working on a solution for a client which includes a newsfeed web part on the site homepage. For some reason the character limit for a newsfeed post isn't being enforced, by which I mean the ...
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Limit the amount of posts for Newsfeed (Site)

Newsfeed (within a site, as a microfeed) works really nicely on Sharepoint, except for the fact that I can't limit the Newsfeed webpart to a certain height (or number of posts). It looks like it is ...
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How do I change the Site Feed item limit? [duplicate]

My organization has a site feed web part on the home page of our intranet site where user's can post what's going on throughout the company. The current SharePoint default for the site feed is to ...
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