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An administrative report that illustrates various metrics of activity on a specific site. These may include page views, unique visitors, content access and uploads, and are quantified by a set time period.

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Powershell script for SharePoint 2010 Site collection Top Visitor report

Right now from Site Collection Analytics - Top Visitor report we are getting only 2000 users, there should be more than 2000 user. how we can get all the users who have accessed for last one year. ...
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SharePoint 2013 Usage reports are empty

Our server's been up and running for a while with a couple thousand users. I go to check the Usage report for the site that I know is the most popular and it's empty. 0's across the board. I've been ...
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Values in SPSite.UsageInfo are always zero

I am trying to retrieve information about site usage via SPSite.UsageInfo programatically or via PowerShell. Here is simple PowerShell code: $site = Get-SPSite "http://intranet" $site.Usage And it ...
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Error with site collection daily resource usage quota

Recently I've added an event receiver to a sandbox feature, but since I added it, whenever I try to deploy the feature, I always get the message Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': ...
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How to generate the Site Usage Report using PowerShell or CSOM code?

I want to generate the details section which are displayed under Home > Usage > SharePoint Site Usage. Is it possible to generate the details using PowerShell/CSOM? The details which I am looking for ...
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Usage reporting for WSS 3.0

I want to rollup statistics on site usage, but all I have is WSS 3.0. This will be a one-time task, so I don't want over-think it too much. I am currently collecting usage data. Is that information ...
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How to know which users viewed which documents in provider-hosted Sharepoint 2013 App

In Sharepoint 2010 I used the SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges and query the AuditLog to know which users viewed which documents inside a full-trust solution. Is there a way to get this data ...
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