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Site Collection +New button options not available after applying site template (SiteDesign/SiteScript)

Hello and thank you in advance. I have deployed the following site design script below. However, once i apply the template the options under +New on the site collection homepage are no longer ...
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Create custom site template based on existing "From Microsoft" site templates in Modern SharePoint Online

When I go to Apply a site template --> From Microsoft section, I can see there are many site templates. From these many site templates, I can select any site template like "Brand Central" ...
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Create SharePoint online Site Templates using Logic App Vs using Power Automate

In our Office 365 tenant, we currently do not have any custom Site Templates, as follow:- and we want to start developing such Site Templates, and based on my reading seems there are 2 ways to do so:-...
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Cannot add content types from hub with Site Script and Invoke-SPOSiteDesign

I am attempting to add Content Types form Hub to a site through a site script and then Invoke the site design through the script. The site script seems to work if I use the UI to add the content type, ...
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PowerShell - Add-SPOSiteScript - addSPLookupFieldXml action not recognised

I would like to add some new tables to my SPO site through using PowerShell and a site script. One of the columns is a Lookup type. According to this, I should be able to use the action ...
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Not able to add preview image in custom site Design

I am trying to create custom site design using PnP provisioning on my tenant. Everything works fine except preview Image. It is not coming in the site while I go to apply the design. If I list the ...
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Site Design that can run Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate?

Trying to setup easy process for client to rollout Sharepoint sites using GUI 'Site Designs' feature. General task I am trying to accomplish is this: Want to make custom Site Design where sitescripts ...
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Returing Id from Get-PnPSiteScriptFromWeb

I am attempting to grab the Id from a site script generated from Get-PnPSiteScriptFromWeb but am somehow unable to (?) I want to use it in Add-PnPSiteDesign on the following line. $SPTemplateSite = &...
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Call an external function app with http trigger from site script

I can see you can trigger flows and logic apps from site scripts. I want to call an function app directly without a flow and logic app is that possible? I can see there is a verb called triggerFlow ...
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Creating lookup site column with site scripts

I am trying to create some look-up columns in my site (not in the list) with site scripts. I have succesfully been able to create one: { "verb": "createSiteColumnXml", "...
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How to pass current user email to Power Automate using site script

I want to trigger Power Automate through site design (inside site script). Found documentation from MS on how to implement this. There is a way to trigger flow using triggerFlow verb and with When ...
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Site Design containing library with folders

I created a Site Script to create a site design, and the site script includes a document library with many folders in it. The site design deploys without any problems, but when I try to apply it to ...
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How to apply site-design in SharePoint Online?

Does any one know how to apply the custom site design to the team site collection URL in SharePoint online through client side object model?
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Site Design/Site Template/Site Script

Currently I am configuring A LOT of site designs and site scripts to help with the creation of "Site Templates" in SharePoint online. I am doing well with the both of these but the question I have is ...
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SharePoint Site footer - Site Script/Site Design

Is it possible to configure the footer in a Modern SharePoint site with the help of Site Script and Site Design?
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Cannot install SPFX package using Site Scripts

We've noticed that for starting from July 19 2019, we can no longer install SPFX packages using Site Design. Here is the very minimum sample that replicates the issue: siteDesign.json { "$schema"...
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Less than symbol in formula causes error in calculated column when applying site design

I'm producing a site design script for SharePoint Online in PowerShell using Add-SPOSiteScript as per these instructions, and I can create the script and add it to a site design without any errors. ...
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provide teamsite template trough sitescript: cannot convert Object[] to string

I made a (simple) sitescripttemplate in JSON which I would like to make available for all the users who can create a site. The inconvenience lies in the fact I only got it working which I write the ...
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Sharepoint site design not applying stuck at initialisation

Sharepoint site design not applying stuck at initialisation. Below is my site script. { "$schema": "schema.json", "actions": [ { "verb": "createSPList", "...
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ÅÄÖ in Site Design script

I have a super simple site design script that supposed to remove left nav links. One of the links contain the character "å" (swedish letter). But sharepoint doesn't recognize this letter and it shows "...
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Set as default content type using site script

I am adding a content type using site script to a library which is already having three content types. Now I want to make my custom content type as default one. Is it possible to make a content type ...
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Spfx Site Designs - IsDefault behaviour has changed

When site designs were first launched, I swear that using the IsDefault parameter only added the site design to the default SharePoint site templates. Now it appears that IsDefault both modifies the ...
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SharePoint Site Script throwning error

I am planning to use SharePoint Site Scripts to provision modern sites. But, when I run command on PowerShell to add site script I am running to error. I am facing the same issue, in other tenant as ...
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